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February 2, 2017
In This Newsletter:
SLO Natural Foods Co-op Board Update

2017 brings new challenges with more competition, local construction, congestion, and parking limitations, but also a new opportunity. Some ideas for enhancing the existing store have been put on the back burner while Gwen and the Board discuss the potential of moving into the former Fresh and Easy space.

The owner of the former Fresh and Easy building has made an offer that has renewed the Board's interest, and they have authorized a 60 day feasibility evaluation. It is about twice the size of our current space with more visibility and parking. Among the things we would like to see in the new store would be freshly prepared deli items, more selection and variety, community space, and cafe seating.

Many of you may already have participated in a very short survey last week, helping to determine our trade area for a market assessment that is underway. Thank you.

As we develop more details in the next 30 days and determine if there is a possible scenario for moving, then the Board looks forward to convening Member-Owners and other stakeholders to present the concepts and seek input. Watch for more updates and meeting announcements.
Third Annual Health Fair at
SLO Natural Foods Co-op,
Rain or Shine!

Please join us on Saturday, February 25th from 11 AM to 3 PM here at the Co-op for our Third Annual Health Fair. We'll have a vendor fair featuring both local and national brands, free samples, raffles, and special discounts on some of our most popular supplement and cosmetic lines.
We hope to see you here for this fun and inspiring event! Rain will not cancel.
Product Updates
Carol has brought in a new hard cider from local JEAN MARIE CIDERY in Paso. Their Mama's Boy is made from local green apples and local honey, and offers a very different experience to the palate. You'll find it in the Grab 'n Go refrigerator up front.

Pasture Raised eggs from ROSEMARY FARM EGGS are both delicious (according to staff who taste-tested them) and beautiful. They have very yellow yolks and you'll see a range of eggshell colors in each carton from various breeds of hens. These eggs come from several local farmers from Los Alamos to Bradley.

SPORT is GARDEN OF LIFE's new performance line. All products in this line are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified by NSF for Sport, and by Informed-Choice for Sport. We have all five products in the line, in several flavor choices:

Organic Plant-Based Protein: 30 gms complete protein
Certified Grass Fed Whey: 24 gms whey protein
Organic Plant-Based Protein Bar: gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free; 20 gms protein
Organic Plant-Based Energy + Focus: coffeeberry, kale, spinach, beets
Organic Plant-Based Recovery: restore depleted nutrients, aid muscle recovery

All Garden of Life 'Sport' products are 20% off for the month of February!
Good Cents: Ch-ch-ch-changes
In February we're going to simplify our administration of the Good Cents program by asking Member-Owners to vote once more for the upcoming year instead of just for the next two months. So in February, Member-Owners will vote for five recipients for the remainder of 2017. This will save staff time (and money) to conduct a vote one more time instead of throughout the year.
As a reminder, anyone may nominate a local non-profit but only Member-Owners may vote. Previous winners are not eligible, but other previous nominees are eligible. So please give us your suggestions, either in the store, via our website, or message us on Facebook. Please have them to us by Friday, February 10. We'll send out a newsletter and post on Facebook with information on the nominees and voting.
Until then, The Land Conservancy of SLO County is the Good Cents beneficiary through the end of February. Thanks to all of you for your support by nominating, voting, and rounding up for our local non-profits here in SLO County!
Co-op Board Meetings: Member-Owners are Invited
We encourage Co-op Member-Owners to attend the monthly Co-op Board Meetings, now being held on the third Thursday of the month. Each meeting opens with a public comment period so please arrive a few minutes early if you wish to speak. Meetings begin at 5:30 PM and are now being held at the SLO County Builders Exchange (address below). 

We hope you will come and get to know your Board and learn about your Co-op's doings and plans for the future. This is a great way to be informed, share your ideas, and get involved.

Next Board Meeting:
Thursday, February 16th at 5:30 PM
SLO County Builders Exhange
153 Cross Street, Suite 130, SLO (map here)

Questions or comments? Please contact us
Upcoming Events
Featured entrepreneurs: Karli from Best Ever Salsa (Paso),
Chris from Tiber Canyon Olive Oil (Arroyo Grande), and
Alisha from Rock Front Ranch Jujubes (Santa Maria).
6p to 8p at the SLO Guild, 2880 Broad St, SLO.
5:30pm at the SLO County Builders Exchange,
153 Cross St, Suite 130, SLO (map here).
Members are encouraged to attend; there is a public comment period
at the beginning of each meeting.
Annual Scion Exchange. Do not bring citrus scions, rootstock, diseases, or pests. Rootstock will be available for purchase. Crops Unit at Cal Poly SLO.
Part of the FREE Advice to Grow By (ATGB) series,
presented by SLO Master Gardeners.
SLO Natural Foods Co-op's
Third Annual Health FairSat, Feb 25th, 11am to 3pm
Vendor fair, free samples, raffles, special discounts.
Don't miss it! Rain or shine!
Films, discussions, gatherings.
Thanks for reading and being a Co-Op Member.
Your support of the store supports local sustainably grown food, farmers, and non-GMO standards.
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