Dear Sirs,

Iconic Hall of Fame Skier, and Native Voices Co-Founder, Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, and Cary Thompson, Ride In Harmony TM founder, have agreed to promote ski club activities jointly. Suzy will be available for a limited number of club programs, building interest in club activities, traveling to and skiing with the group, and participating in club events, during the week. 

Cary will demostrate  RIDE THE SNOW IN HARMONY ®, the easiest way to learn, and     introduce the use of animal totems in skiing.

                                           WHAT ANIMAL ARE YOU?®

                                                         when you ski


                                      RAISE MONEY for YOUR CLUB


            3 QUESTIONS of RIDING,

    or     DANCE WITH NATURE,  tees with your club name, logo, or Suzy's picture, for a fund raiser, special event, or, if you act fast, Christmas.  Club name, logo, or event can be emblazoned on the back. The THREE QUESTIONS across the front. 

The three questions are the only three things that you need to know and apply, to ski and ski well, in the Ride In Harmony TM style.

Call 970-274-0365 for pricing.

or write to

From $10 Shirt-Minimums apply



    Play it safe. Build the foundation of your athletics upon the Fundamental Movement of Athletics sm, from RIDE IN HARMONY TM. Ask for a Ride In Harmony TM clinic for your club. Phone (970) 274-0365.



Thank you,                                                                                    

            CARY    and Suzy                                                          

             Cary Thompson                                      

                                                                Founder: RIDE IN HARMONY TM     

                                                                                                                Supplier Member:
                                                                                                               Athletic Instruction



 The opinions expressed here are those of Cary Thompson and Ride In Harmony, LLC

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