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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- August 2008 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia Volume 9, Issue 332 August 2008     


Please note the new phone number for the Broken Bay Water Police, shown at the bottom of this edition of the newsletter and in future editions.

My young assistant editor and I are heading off to warmer climes for a couple of months and the newsletter is now in the hands of the very capable Julian M. You should not notice much of a change as he will be checking the PON mailbox regularly and will publish your contributions if and when required. Enjoy the rest of winter :)

STOP PRESS: An application has been received by Pittwater Council for an amendment to DA N0051/05 (1858 Pittwater Road Church Point, the Pasadena) for 3 shops and 6 residential units. This item appeared in the Manly Daily of Friday 25th July 2008


  • Cartoon of the Month
  • Pittwater Offshore Archival Pictures
  • Greenhouse Pollution - Are You Concerned?
  • Wanted- Pictures for new Island Website
  • For Rent
  • Recognition for Volunteers
  • WPCA Gourmet Picnic Lunch and Auction
  • Stolen Fuel - this has Got to Stop
  • Moving Sale
  • For Sale
  • Another transport option
  • Bed Wetting Solution
  • Pub 2 Pub
  • Local Guide
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    Cartoon of the Month Gwyn Perkins

    Download a full version of this months calendar, ready for printing - click the calendar image to the right



    Pittwater Offshore Archival Pictures

    This is one of a series of old photographs collected, scanned and presented by Leicester Warburton. You will remember Leicester as the author of 'History Corner', now in retirement! We look forward to a wonderful image each month. More information about these photos can be made by contacting Leicester at leicesterw2@bigpond.com

    Wanted- Pictures for new Island Website

    Have you got beautiful pictures of the scenery, environment and life on and around Scotland Island?

    The www.scotlandsland.org.au website is being refreshed and we'd like to have lots of photos showing how beautiful the area and the lifestyle can be.  If you have photos that you are willing to be used
    on the website, both as decoration for the pages and in an online photo gallery, please email jonathan.duhig@gmail.com and arrange to send or have them collected, depending on how many you have.  The updated website should be up and running by the end of the year.

    For Rent

    Four bedroom, waterfront, south-west side, jetty and pontoon, close to Bells Wharf. Gas heating, polished floors, built-in wardrobes, free parking. Just $600 per week. Six months minimum lease. Call Catherine 0410 338 973.

    Greenhouse Pollution - Are You Concerned?

    Are you one of the majority of Australians who urgently want our country to cut our greenhouse pollution? Most Australians don't have time to read Professor Garnaut's shocking 600-page climate report, so we've created a quick clip that summarises it fast, what it means for Australia - and what it means for you.

    Garnaut is already under fire from a "scare campaign" being waged by the polluting industries' lobby groups and the Opposition. That is why it's so important that you can pick a good climate solution from a bad one. Cut the spin with a click:


    The Getup community has spoken out strongly on this issue in the past, because we know that solving climate change is a top priority for Australia. We marched for it, at the 'Walk Against Warming' rallies. We voted for it, in last year's election. We signed petitions for it - over 100,000 calling for strong emission reduction targets. And we take action in our daily lives for it too - consuming less, saving energy, using less water, and recycling.

    If we go silent now, the Opposition and the industries campaigning for a weak emissions trading scheme that protects their profits rather than the climate, will win the debate ahead of the government's upcoming Green Paper on climate. After you've seen the clip, make your voice heard too - and armed with our Information Sheet write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

    Recognition for Volunteers

    Pittwater Mayor, Cr David James today urged all local not-for-profit organisations to nominate their most dedicated workers for the 2008 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award.

    “One in four people in NSW gives some of their free time to helping others, through sporting and service clubs, emergency services, social work, caring for the aged, or through the many other ways people help their community.

    “Our local volunteers are undoubtedly the backbone of our community”, said the Mayor.

    All entrants must be nominated and must have volunteered for the equivalent of one day per week (or 6 hours) for at least 6 months over a 12 month period.

    The entries will be judged on a regional basis, with the winners moving forward to the State judging and awards ceremony on Friday 5 December 2008.

    Entries close on Tuesday 30 September 2008. Nomination forms and detailed information about the awards can be obtained through The Centre for Volunteering website www.volunteering.com.au

    WPCA Gourmet Picnic Lunch and Auction

    What a wonderful way to celebrate winter! A gourmet picnic, not to be missed.

    When: Sunday, 10th August, 2008.
    Where: South Elvina Bay, Fireshed.
    Time: 12 noon (revised time).
    Exciting auction items have been sourced.
    The Gourmet Picnic Lunch menu has been set.

    Please note the date and time in your diary and join us for what is shaping up to be a fun afternoon.

    All monies raised will be donated to the Pittwater High School fund for purchase of solar panels to enable the school to become self-sustaining in their power needs.
    Adult Gourmet Picnic Lunch $10 p.p.
    Children’s Lunch $5 p.p.
    Drinks will be available.

    Worried about how much power you use?

    Pittwater Council has recently purchased a number of energy meters which can be loaned free-of-charge from Mona Vale and Avalon libraries.

    The meters simply plug into a normal power point and are designed to measure the power consumption of household appliances such as televisions or computers.

    Council General Manager Mark Ferguson said the purchase of the meters was another way the Council was helping the local community to reduce their carbon footprint.

    “These devices help you pinpoint the power-hungry appliances in your home and give you an indication of the cost of running them.

    “Not only do these energy meters let you know how much power is being consumed when the appliance is in use, but also when the appliance is just plugged in and switched on.

    “This handy device will help to raise awareness of unnecessary energy consumption and hopefully educate householders to switch off appliances when not in use.”

    For more information about loaning an energy meter call 9970 1600

    Stolen Fuel - this has Got to Stop

    Last week some mongrel stole the fuel tank and its contents from the boat belonging to the owners of  Scotland Island Lodge. The boat was moored on the South East corner of Scotland Island. The police have a good lead and we will report on the outcome.

    We all admire the fact that we live in a secure  environment, safe we believe from the predators that live on the mainland. There is absolutely no excuse for this sort of action. We must keep an eye on our neighbour's property as well as our own. And remember: If you see something say something - to the Broken Bay Water Police on 9910 7899.

    Moving Sale

    David Long, resident of beautiful Elvina Bay for many years, has decided to retreat to the mainland. Together with help from the Elvina Bay Rural Fire Brigade, he is selling a number off items such as single beds, outdoor furniture, tools, a great dinghy and lots of books, paintings and assorted furniture. The brigade gets a commission, you get some Gluvine for actually attending - everyone wins!

    When: THIS Saturday 2nd August from 9am

    For more information call 0400 767 846

    For Sale

    Continuing our series of items for sale each month is this contribution...

    Cane furniture, including 4 comfortable chairs and one large round glass table. Reasonable condition.
    $80 (Money will be donated to Scotland Island Kindy)

    Phone 02 9979 5228

    Another transport option

    Another transport option for Church Point may be available within a month

    Pittwater Council is currently considering our proposal to trial at least two car parking spaces at Church Point allocated to car share vehicles. They’re keen on the idea in principle and they should decide before the end of July.

    These dedicated spaces shouldn’t make the car park more crowded. One potential car share member has already sold one car that used to be parked there, and another is on the market.

    So far, 58 people have registered their interest in joining a car share scheme.

    We have contacted the three car share companies operating in Sydney and we feel Go Get offers the best service for our community. They are keen to start as soon as Council decides on the spaces.

    We’ll contact you again as soon as we know Council’s decision. Alan Hill

    Bed Wetting Solution

    We have a little device that helps kids stop wetting the bed, we have used it with Lewis and then passed it on to lots of others. We are happy to give it away on the condition that in turn gets passed on! Ring 9997 1282 or email: Mike Molloy and Tracey Rowe

    Pub 2 Pub

    Are you planning on doing the Pub 2 Pub on Sunday, 24 August? If so, would you like to support a charity at the same time?

    My friend Wendy Monteleone is devoting this year to fundraising for the Oncocology Children's Foundation (which raises money for children's cancer research). Her daughter, Lucy, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in September 2006. She went through 6 months of intensive chemotherapy and has now been in remission for 1 year. As part of the fundraising drive, we are participating in the Pub 2 Pub with the aim of having the largest team. The team with the most members, no matter where they finish, receives $2000 towards the charity of their choice. So far, we have around 40-45 in the team, but we need more. There was an article in the Manly Daily on Sat, 26 July (page 20) about the team.

    If you're interested, all you need to do is enter the team name - THE OCF CANCER TEARS AND FRIENDS - on the registration (www.pub2pub.com.au). It doesn't cost any extra, and you can do the event at your own pace (ie, we don't all have to be together). Registrations close 17 August.

    For more information, call Jenny 0411 405335 or email jabawoc@bigpond.net.au

    The local guide

    What's On in Pittwater - Self Editing Event Diary Click Here  
    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419460331 or click here for full details  
    Local Real Estate Agents:  
    Century 21 Showcase Pittwater L.J.Hooker Mona Vale
    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here) Pittwater Real Estate
    Government Organisations:
    Local Pittwater Council, or email them at pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  or by clicking here.
    Federal: Bronwyn Bishop, Member for Mackellar by clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au
    State: Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater, at pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au or by clicking here
    Local Transport: Scotland Island Community Vehicle: Info: click here. Phone (0404103700)    Church Point Ferries (0408296997) Church Point Ferry Timetable click here  Manly Warringah Cabs (0299725600) Palm Beach Cruises (0299974815) Pink Water Taxi (0428238190)
    Local Accommodation
    Bed & Breakfast: Scotland Island Lodge: or http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au (0299793301)
    Yacht Clubs Woody Point Yacht Club  or http://www.wpyc.com.au 
      Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club or http://www.rpayc.com.au/
    Short Term Holiday Accommodation: ) Wiringulla Retreat (0299718375) or here
      Treetops on Towlers Bay' (0293322611) info@walkabouttours.com.au
    Budget Accommodation:

    On the doorstep of the Ku-ring-gai Chase N P: Pittwater YHA, Ph 0299995748 www.yha.com.au/hostels/details.cfm?hostelid=31 

    Local Pittwater Studies Website: http://www.pittlink.net/ls
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade: http://www.sirfb.org.au

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    • NSW Police: 000, Police Assistance Line: 13 1444, general information 9281 0000
    • Broken Bay Water Police 9910 7899 or 0412 162 093
    • NSW Fire Service: 000, general information 9265 2999
    • NSW Ambulance Service: 000, general information 9320 7777
    • Rural Fire Service: 000, general information 9450 3000
    • State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES: 9486 3399
    • National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    • Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    • Sydney Water: 132 090
    • Energy Australia: 131 388, (ah) 131 909

    Membership of SIRA, Emergency Scotland Island Water Contacts and Application for Water + Guidelines for water, in one document: click here for information (while online)Download the Scotland Island 'Water Agreement' by clicking here (while online)

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures Qantas Information                    Jetstar Information Virgin Blue Information
    Sydney Buses Information.  Sydney Ferries Information City Rail Timetables & Information. Country Link Rail Timetable


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    To join the Western Pittwater Community Association, contact Michael Wiener at m2wiener@bigpond.net.au

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