IAHF List: The giant push in the US Senate to give Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens (S.744) must be seen for what it actually is: part of a broader effort to destroy our borders and to destroy American sovereignty being instigated by the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the UN. [If you are too busy to read this whole alert, please skip the the Numbers USA info at the end and call your Senators immediately to oppose S.744, your health freedom and ALL freedom literally DEMANDS you take IMMEDIATE action, see why below...]
S.744 has nothing whatsoever to do with freedom, it has a LOT to do with a broad campaign to make us all MICROCHIPPED SLAVES on a global plantation, ironically, being foisted off on us by a chameleon and fraud of a theoretical "man" who has been exposed as gay, and whose covert sexual preference makes him imminently subject to blackmail.
This "man" is neither white, nor black, he's got a photoshopped birth certificate, and he is a eugenicist who is surrounded by other eugenicists, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following my work since 1996 when I was the first person in the world to blow the whistle on the UN's efforts to ban our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range via the UN's Codex Alimentarius Commission.
Friends- I am neither a Republican, or a Democrat. I regard both political parties with a jaundiced eye, especially such Rhinos as Senator John McCain and the other Traitors in the Senate who also deserve to hang by the neck until dead for their current treasonous efforts to give "amnesty" to millions of illegal aliens, but these turncoats aren't out of the woods yet.
Today, I was one of millions of people who fused the Senate phonelines with very angry demands that these traitorous bastards stand down by opposing S.744 I let them know I am a very pissed off gun owner, and that I refuse to live under communism. I also let them know that I take a very dim view of treasonous scum who urinate on their oaths of office as all the rats pushing Amnesty are currently doing.
In case you are failing to understand how the issue of Amnesty for illegal aliens ties in with your efforts to preserve your access to dietary supplements, allow me to help you connect the dots a bit, and I hope by the time you've read this, you won't be stupid and go "party line" against me if you are a Democrat because if you do, you simply won't be engaging your brain, here is why:
Along with millions of other people from all sides of the political spectrum, I broke my ass back in the early 90s to safeguard consumer access to dietary supplements in the face of a massive FDA effort to ban them. In the summer of '89, I was one of the first people to recognize the immense threat posed by the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act to overturn the Proxmire Vitamin Act of 1976, and I jumped in with both feet to try to kill it.
When I first began moving against that nightmarish bill, the pharma dominated vitamin trade association NNFA (now the NTA) was actually FOR this horrible bill (!!) Only because of people like me who could see its danger did the rank and file membership of NNFA eventually turn against the bill and FORCE that corrupt organization to start opposing it, but it was passed into law anyway, and that put our backs to the wall.
That bill literally threatened my life as a person with a genetic need for the supplements I use, but I wasn't alone, and we rallied in '94 to pass DSHEA. Then in '96, just two years after passage of DSHEA, I was the first person in the world to blow the whistle on Codex at the UN with my article in the September issue of Life Extension Magazine.
America is caught in a shit sandwich between Canada and Mexico, both of which severely restrict consumer access to dietary supplements. (Ah, I know, some voicer is now gonna say "What about the alternative cancer clinics around Tijuana? Don't they all dispense dietary supplements?" Well, yes, but only because they fork over the BRIBE money in the envelope every week, I know, I used to work in one, but in a Mexican health food store, just as in Canada, consumer access to supplements is bad and getting much worse, VERY fast.... thats why I've been begging with people on both sides of the border to support this lawsuit against Health Canada
Trust me folks, I know Canada. For 10 years I've been living in a border town just outside Vancouver BC, and the closest health food store to me is not an American store, its in Tsawwassen, BC, the neighboring Canadian town to Point Roberts WA where I live. Thousands of American products can no longer be sold in Canadian stores, and if we fail to defeat Amnesty, this trend is only going to increase exponentially, but whats worse, Americans will lose access to all by RDA level supplements because we're rapidly losing our Sovereignty and this gigantic influx of illegal aliens will break our economic backs.... hell its INTENDED TO... its INTENDED to lead to martial law....
So, I need all you bleeding heart liberals to pull your heads out of your diseased rectums and grasp these connections--- no borders = no more supplements. (Stop Amnesty & Stop CODEX!!)
No borders = UN Genocide.
No borders = a microchipped, enslaved population, and we don't want that....... RIGHT??
OK: Here is what I need ALL of you to do RIGHT NOW:
BURY the sonsofbitches in the SENATE with VERY angry phone calls through Friday by utilizing the info from Numbers USA below to put their LOCAL offices under a state of SIEGE: (For good measure call your Congressman in the House too..... this mess is heading their NEXT if we fail to kill it in the Senate...) We're looking at the END OF AMERICA if we fail, and that would mean the end of DSHEA, the end of your ACCESS to dietary supplements.
If you appreciate my no holds barred style of defending your health freedom and all of your freedom, please show your appreciation by purchasing 10 pounds of sulfur at the discounted rate of $32/ lb (like getting 2 lbs FREE, with FREE shipping! You can sell some or give some to friends and family after explaining to them we're all undergoing massive biological assault.... see my last alert for details....  You can also get from 1-4 lbs, or sign up for monthly autoshipping here.
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BREAKING: Only 4 Votes Left to Stop Amnesty: Call your Senators NOW at 888-995-8349

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 4:32 PM

Amnesty will cost the American people $6.3 trillion.
Only 4 Votes Left to Stop Amnesty: Call your Senators NOW at 888-995-8349
Via Numbers USA:
Your calling effort yesterday was phenomenal! The number of Senators who voted against the Schumer-Rubio Amnesty bill, S.744, has doubled since debate first started, and we’re approaching the 41 NO votes needed to derail the bill. But with only four scheduled votes left, we need you to call your Senators NOW toll-free at 888-995-8349.
The fate of S.744 will be determined by the end of the week, so we need your continued urgent calls! Here’s what’s left:
** final vote on Schumer-Corker-Hoeven amnesty amendment (50 votes needed),
** motion to limit debate on Leahy manager’s amendment (60 votes),
** final vote on Leahy manager’s amendment (50 votes), and
** motion to end debate on the bill (60 votes).
Please help us keep the pressure on the Senate!
We need you to call your Senators NOW toll-free at 888-995-8349.
Call your Senators NOW! You can find their number here.
58% of likely voters support full enforcement first before even ”considering” giving work permits to illegal aliens
Talking Points
** The bill would grant 33 million new green cards in the first 10 years, while 20 million Americans can’t find a full-time job. Please oppose S.744.
** The bill repeats the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty – legalization before enforcement. Most of the nation’s 11 million illegal aliens would receive legal status and green cards before a single enforcement provision kicks in. Then, the administration has total discretion over the implementation of enforcement. Please oppose S.744.
** Just like the discretion given to the IRS that lead to the ongoing IRS scandal, the bill gives the Department of Homeland Security complete discretion over the amnesty, future green cards, and enforcement. Please oppose S.744.
** According to the Heritage Foundation, an amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens would cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion. We can’t afford this when we face growing deficits and a record number of Americans receive means-tested welfare benefits. Please oppose S.744.