Sen.Schumer Attacks First & Second Amendment Tomorrow, Tuesday ---
No Debate Allowed as New World Order Goes into High Gear-- Send Form Letter Against This With One Mouse Click
John in the IAHF Office
IAHF List:
Its DO or DIE time to protect free speech and health freedom. Theres a cloture vote on the Disclose Act tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2:45 pm in the Senate. Senator Schumer is trying to shove this freedom destroying measure down our throats with NO DEBATE prior to August recess. Please go here to send a form letter to your Senators with one mouse click.
The "Disclose" Act would block groups like Gun Owners of America from being allowed to send messages to their members about the voting records of elected officials in the weeks leading up to an election. This unconstitutional attack on the first and second amendments is part of an effort to DISARM us as a prelude to rounding us up for genocide purposes*** and whats ultimately driving it is UN Agenda 21- a population control/societal control measure being implemented via a variety of means, this being one of them. Politicians prefer unarmed peasants: See UN Agenda 21 for Dummies  This is whats driving Codex and also the FDA's TCC- see the new health freedom site I set up on an emergency basis here and place participate.
***An "extreme" statement? You might not think so if you check out these facts:
FACT ONE: Interview with former KGB Spy Yuri Beznenov discussing how a communist takeover happens- here he discusses the precise tactics used to set up American for its NWO planned destruction over a long period of time.... this is CHILLING....
FACT TWO: Interview with FBI Agent Larry Grathwohl  who infiltrated the Weather Underground during its hey day- he sat in a room full of communists with advanced degrees from places like Columbia University who matter of factly discussed what would happen when their communist revolution against America was complete. They matter of factly discussed plans to kill 25 Million of us (anyone who they could not brainwash in the reeducation camps they intend to set up after martial law in the Southwest.) Don't laugh til you've watched THIS.
Theres a lot MORE very serious food for thought HERE.
Think I'm "losin' it? You wouldn't if you'd been to the Codex meetings I've been to in Germany and if you'd spent the past 20  years fighting the FDA professionally like I have. You wouldn't if you'd had the death threats I had for pushing for oversight on Codex only to see the hearing I pushed for for 5 years be whitewashed on March 20, 2001. You wouldn't if you'd experienced what I did when the congressional staffer who was trying to help me get oversight on Codex was fired for trying to help me and was replaced by the Pharma plant who whitewashed the hearing. You wouldn't if you'd had the hostile FBI visit that I had due to an email I sent, or if you'd been followed all over Capital Hill by the Washington Capital Police the way I was when I was pushing for oversight on Codex.
You wouldn't if you take the time to digest the information I'm giving you here. I'm dead serious. Act or be acted upon. This is not a partisan issue, both parties are controlled by the shadow government and all of us had damn well better realize this and band together for sheer survival. We either kill the Disclose Act, and all other liberty killing legislation like it, or we're going to end up as SLAVES in the land of our birth, and a lot of us will lose our lives because the ruling elite really do intend to kill millions of us.
Recently I created a new Health Freedom group on Resist Net due to the speed with which things are moving. Please get active in it, I've been posting information there that you can't get anywhere else. Theres a new bill in the house for example called the Clear Act HR 3534 that would implement UN Agenda 21 directly. It appropriates billions of dollars to be used by the government to buy up land over the next 30 years in order to force us all off the land and into cities where we can be more easily controlled. See my alert on this here 
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