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Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency & Renewables for South-East Europe
5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria, Organizer: Via Expo
All of us are dependent on energy and we cannot live without it. But energy is one of the factors of global warming. We hope the 21st UN Conference of the Parties (COP21) will finish with a global agreement that will put us on a more sustainable path. 
Numerous events happen across the world, which help businesses introduce their new energy efficiency and clean energy solutions and connect global key players. One of them is EE & RE 2016. 
If you consider stepping on the SE European market, join the event and apply for participation.
Till 10 December, you will get:
 free promotional options, which will highlight your company at the exhibition
 5% discount on the exhibition area.
In the December newsletter  we present one of the participants of EE & RE. In the interview Mr. Chepakov shares what kind of products the company will exhibit. We also introduce some of our partners and we are confident that you will find useful information while browsing their websites. 
Have a nice reading!
Manager of K. Chepakov
Mr. Chepakov, you are working more than 10 years in the renewable energy sector. What new products will you present in 2016 as one of the traditional participants in EE & RE event and what business visitors would like to be in contact?
Our company will present a new range of ultra-fast MPPT trackers. They have high input voltage-range and can work in 12V, 24V and 48Vdc systems. They are suitable both for small PV installations and for projects that require large PV input power. We will also showcase a new range of battery chargers with IP65 rating for 12V and 24Vdc battery system. With their high resistance to dust, water, chemicals and machine oil and high efficiency, their are an important part of the engine room for yachts and are used in mobile application and other industrial applications. They have a seven step smart charge algorithm, function for recovery of fully discharged ‘dead’ batteries, low power mode to charge smaller batteries and can charge Li-ion batteries. 
What are the latest innovations in the solar systems and wind generators – where are they most successfully implemented in our country and what are the specific benefits? 
With the fall of PV's prices, photovoltaic systems have more and more applications - from powering remote farms/houses/telecoms, to powering large industrial buildings. To read the full interview  click here
Narodowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii S.A. (National Energy Conservation Agency - NAPE) is a Polish energy advisory company, popularizing efficient and rational energy usage, above all in the building sector, and the principles of sustainable development. NAPE’s experts possess long-term experience in the field of renewable energy sources implementation, international cooperation in the area of innovative energy technologies and sustainable development, and participation in European Commission’s programs.
SUN & WIND ENERGY – The Solar Edition is one of the leading international trade publications for the solar industry. Six issues a year are providing valuable information about products, market developments and much more. And the best: The digital online magazine is available to read for free here 
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The annual almanac of the Bulgarian power sector Energy Info BG 2016 enters the most active period of its preparation. It includes detailed catalogue information about the companies in Bulgaria specializing in the design, manufacture, trade and services in the power sector, including energy efficiency, thermal power engineering, electric power engineering, renewable energy, nuclear energy, natural gas, oil and charcoal. By tradition, Energy Info BG will provide its readers with an editorial part, which presents projects and initiatives of organizations, as well as stances and opinions of leading specialists in the area. If you wish to be included in the publication, contact us by e-mail:
Energetica XXI is over 10 years in the market and the leading publication for power generation in Spain. Due to the magazine being in Spanish we also have a number of South American readers in the digital format of the publication and are very keen to explore opportunities in this region. CLICK here to read the latest edition. 
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