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January 2016  IN THIS ISSUE:
First, thank you for the many suggestions I received re topics for newsletters...I'm addressing one in this newsletter:the use of questioning during presentations. First !5 subscribers were sent my FREE e-Book...enjoy!
As a business presenter
 are you talking AT them or WITH them?
 Much of your professional success as a presenter is dependent on having your audience realize for themselves the benefits of your proposals and buy into them. One way to accomplish this is to use correctly timed and poignant questions.
Let them Reflect so that  -------> they Realize and then Retain!
Off to Naples, Florida! Good-bye winter...hello sunshine!!! 

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Quotations of the month:
 "If they don't reflect, you don't connect or affect!"
- Craig Valentine, MBA, 1999 WCPS
"Since wisdom comes from reflection, people need to hear not only your voice, but their own inner voice."
- Patricia Fripp CSP
One Sure-fire Way to Connect with biz audiences!
Did you know that the most important element of a speech is THE THINKING IN THE AUDIENCE'S MINDS...are they on screensaver eyes since you've rambled on, as in a monolgue, not attempting to mentally and emotionally engage them? It's up to you to structure presentations to get them involved. One way is the proper use of questions.
Why use questions? 
  • helps audience reflect on their own situations/feeling/lives
  • makes your presentation sound conversational as in a dialogue bewteen two
  • creates a connection between you and them as Q&A  results in an energy exchange
  • holds their interest if you genuinely demonstrate an interest in their answers
When use questions? Use 4T’s to Connection! 

 - at the beginning - Tap into their minds by asking a question using the word ‘you’ in the singular form, giving the audience time to reflect on an issue going to be discussed i.e."When was the last time you....?" "Who was it that helped. you...?

 - then Transport them into your story or situation, inviting them in.i.e "If you had seen me then, you..."  or  "Had you been there, you would've...
 - in the middle - Touch base with them periodically to ensure they are still with How do you think I was feeling when....?" "Can you relate to that?" "What would you have done, if you...?"
 - at the end - give them a Take away question, statement, message, as in: “What about you, when will you…?"  or "What will your next step be, now that you….?”
How to use questions? Rhetorical  ones or ones when you want answers
  • Rhetorical questions:
- the best kind of rhetorical question, especially at the start, is one of the 5 W’s ( when, where, why, who, what) as it doesn’t result in a mental yes or no answer in the audience’s minds; it actually gets them to reflect.
-:after asking a question...PAUSE (don't step on their thoughts) so they can reflect and realize their own thoughts, opiinions on an issue
- DO NOT ask long  questions - split them into short punchy digestible ones using power of 3's
For examples:
"Have you ever experienced a disruptive change process in the workplace?" PAUSE ( likely see nods)
 "Was it because of...?" PAUSE
 "Was it because of...?" PAUSE
"Or was it because of...?" PAUSE 
  • Questions to which you want verbal answers:
- audience reluctant to answer openly? Try this teaching tip: first have them discuss question with a partner or in a small group, then have them answer aloud...they will feel more confident after a partner discussion
- want to recap at the end? Have them shout out 1 word answers on your content
NEVER, EVER leave a question and answer period at the end! It's a definite recipe for disaster as they will go off on a different tangent away from your main theme. ALWAYS close with your own hopeful, uplifting, positive note!
 Yes, the use of questions during a presentation, is a viable way of emotionally and intellectually engaging your audience since you will avoid talking AT them, and instead sound conversational by talking WITH them. At the individual micro level and also at the company's macro level, you will relate a WIN/WIN for all!
I invite you to join me again next month when we continue discussing another important presentation skill to help you move forward and upward in the workplace!
Until then, happy new year and successful speaking to you!   Wink
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