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30th January 2008

S&B Newsflash – Rowan Event FRIDAY 1st February 

Exclusive Rowan Event ... Newsflash ... Exclusive Rowan Event ... Newsflash  ...   Exclusive Rowan Event

Mid-week newsflashy greetings to you

The lovely people at Rowan have emailed to let us know about a special event going on this Friday at John Lewis Oxford Street. So we thought we had better not let you miss it.

Stitch and Showing You the Sweet Stuff

They will be showcasing the new season’s yarns, as well as unveiling a new range called Purelife, and you are cordially invited to attend. Rather like yarn royalty, no?

Here are the details: 

Time: From 12.30pm onwards
Venue: John Lewis
Oxford Street


Tel: 020 7629 7711

Map Nearest Station: Oxford Street, Bond Street

You can read more about Purelife here, or come and see it with your own wool-discerning eyes on Friday.

Hope you can make it, and happy knitting if you don’t.

The S&B London Stitchettes xxx

PS Welcome to all the Urban Junkie mailing list regulars. You can see the last newsletter here, if you want to know where we are meeting next.


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