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Large Irristable Chocolate Pearls
Enchanting Autumn Calsilica
Dramatic Black & White Zebra Pillow Calsilica
Large Carved Butterscotch Jade Flower
4 Huge 16mm Faceted Amethyst
Yellow Millefiori Bracelet
Gorgeous Royal Blue Millefiori Bracelet
Silver Cog Wheel Spacers
Blue Zebra Striped Oval Calsilica
Lustrous Deep Peacock Black 6 to 7mm
Large FAC Watermelon Pumpkin Jade
Enchanting Tourmaline Small Nugget
24 Unusual Kite Pearls
51 Large Blue Turquoise Rondell
70 Large Purple Turquoise Rondell
74 Wild Mauve Calsilica Rondell

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Findings Make the Beads!

Although findings are essential for creating any kind of jewelry, it's easy to forget about them when you are shopping for beads. Findings are like background music in movies. Jewelry with no findings will fail to dazzle, just like a movie with no music will fail to thrill the audience. The findings enhance and accent the focal beads without drawing too much attention to themselves, but you really need to have them to create a functional jewelry.

You need wires to string the beads onto, whether they are flexible beading wire or rigid wire. You must also have a clasp to create necklaces or bracelets, and jump rings to attach those clasps. Toggle clasps are the easiest to handle, but you can also use spring ring or lobster claw clasps if you want an adjustable length necklace. Spacers are also useful to both add-design and to economize on the beads used in a project. Items made with flexible wires will need crimp beads to secure the ends, and you'll want ear wires if you want to make earrings. These are the must-have items for jewelry making.

You could create beaded jewelry without any metal beads, but they will help your jewelry appear more professional. They vary greatly in size, thickness, and shape so you can dramatically alter the style of your necklace by exchanging the metal beads. Spacers are excellent for adding just a sliver of metallic flash, while larger beads (often called Bali Beads) may be fancy enough to function as the focal beads in your designs. Try using small 925 gothic spacers in between colorful single beads for a classy effect as above - and cone or dome-shaped ones called bead caps are great for topping off a drop.

At MrBead we have well over 80 different silver spacers + many other types of findings, and are adding new every month.

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See our new sister bead finding store at This shop is just for spacers and findings and you can find what you need fast - but if you want beads too, than all are also in our usual MrBead stores.

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Fossil beads are the latest trend in jewelry making. These stones are especially cut to reveal unusual and interesting surface features, and then dyed brilliant colors making dramatic eye-catching jewelry. Rich burnt red and vivid polished purple are particularly spectacular.

These beads are created from stones containing fossils of creatures that lived millions of years ago. The fossilized rock is then pulverized and formed into the bead shape, ready for polishing, drilling, and making into jewelry.

Fossil coral is the fossilized remnants of ancient coral reefs. Their striking pattern is determined by the species of coral that became fossilized. A common fossil coral is made from crinoids stems. These look like flowers, but were really tiny animals – the lines radiating out to form circles are where their spines were attached.

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