*Spreading*HOLIDAY JOY*

Holiday kicked off on Giving Tuesday when Merasi School rickshaws rounded corners with accelerated success. They crossed the finish line with the FARmily providing an entire year's worth of maintenance and fuel, plus two rickshaw drivers salaries for three months -Toot Toot  

Markers of Evolution for Merasi Girls
Principal Sitara Khan recently observed Divya, in a school uniform. When asked how she felt, the answer moved Sitara -reminding her of her own journey. Divya exudes a passion for studies and a love for homework. Her mother, Holi, without education, wishes her daughter will study and make history like Sitara who is the first female in her community to receive her Bachelor's degree. 

      Divya is very happy to be in school just like her brothers

It is young people's time to advance out of servitude with bold confidence, proudly celebrating their remarkable cultural identity.

"Education allows people to see pictures on a big level, meaning it broadens-up your thinking, and changes the mentality of people."
- Sitara Khan Merasi School Principal

      Readers represent the next gen activists

 Enables transformative action

"My dream is that Merasi children’s minds, imaginations and dreams soar to new horizons while being rooted in their ancient heritage, community support, and connection" - Lisa, FAR Staff
    You ensure their school bus wheels turn & they stay safe 

Shoutout to Akaram Khan for documenting milestones in his community
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