IAHF List:
On November 2, vote like your LIFE literally depends on it because it DOES. With fully 50% of the American electorate often failing to vote in midterm elections, I feel compelled to sound this urgent alarm which must go viral on the web!
You'll understand what I mean when you watch this (ahem) "Final Solution"---  You, your wife, children, grandchildren, friends and relatives have been set up like bowling pins.
Your doctor will initially be fined $100,000. if he fails to adhere to the genocidal dictates of his government handlers when you go for "treatment", and if it happens again, your doctor will be imprisoned, and this is NOT hyperbole- this is buried in the thousands of pages of fine print.
This is going to cause 40% of doctors to quit the profession creating massive shortages. This is not conjecture, its all spelled out in black and white within the thousands of pages of fine print comprising the (so called) Stimulas Package and the Health Care Legislation and it illustrates graphically why we  must elect people who will defund this unconstitutional genocidal monstrosity to block it til it can be repealed after 2012.
When I saw this brief video, it angered me, but it did not surprise me to know with total certainty that our government passed a "Health Care bill" intended to quite literally kill millions of us. There is not even a shread of hyperbole in this assertion as you'll see with shock and horror when you watch this. Don't sit on your hands this election! None of us can afford to do that! We have a choice to make, and we must vote for people who oppose so called "Healthcare", Amnesty, Cap and Trade, and the Food Safety Bill at a minimum...
The information in this video is totally in sync with related information IAHF has been providing over the past year including this interesting tidbit about John Holdren, Obama's science czar who wants to foist off forced abortions and forced sterilizations.
Along with this, we must get our people in to block the Bilderberg/CFR genocide agenda in several other ways too especially during the LAME DUCK session of congress in between the election and when the new congress is seated in January....
There is a slew of very dangerous nation destroying legislation that Obama's string pullers want him to drive through during the lame duck which together threaten to set the stage for Codex restructions to destroy our access to dietary supplements.
I know you're busy, and many of you probably didn't carefully read my last two alerts pertaining to this election----- please read them very carefully and pass them on!!
Please vote, and urge all your friends, family neighbors, and relatives to do the same after seeing this information! Tomorrow I'll be spending several hours at the county GOP office making calls to get out the vote against tyranny. I hope a lot of you will be doing the same where you live because there are many very close races including Angle v Reid in Nevada; Rand Paul v Conway; and many others....
Bill Clinton will be campaigning for Conway on Monday in a desperate effort to try to help him overcome a current 12 point deficit in the (Rasmusson) poll. Clinton, Conway, Obama and their genocidal handlers in the Bilderberg group must be delivered a very strong message from voters nationwide that we've had enough, and we're NOT gonna take it anymore!
Remember- If we fail to kill Amnesty, Cap and Trade, the Food Safety Bill, and a slew of other nation destroying bills during the Lame Duck session coming up, America is done for and will be forced into the planned North American Union and thats how the ruling elite intend to usher in genocidal Codex dictates via the Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
When you consider the fact that Bill C-36 in Canada was just rammed through their Parliament at second reading in 13 minutes with almost no discussion or debate, you can see just how close to the edge of the cliff American vitamin consumers really are.None of the people or groups opposing this draconian bill which will harmonize Canada with the EU were allowed to speak.
Now their only option to stop this anti health freedom bill from hell north of the line is via a court injunction, and if they fail, America is next, because the draconian dictates of C-36 threaten to come "South" via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
The key to defending ourselves is to make this midterm election a referendum on the Bilderberg groups UN Agenda 21 driven genocide campaign by throwing as many Obamination supporters as possible out of congress. I also strongly suggest everyone on the IAHF list do everything in your power to get healthy if you're not already.
Join a gym, or start using that membership you already have but havn't been using, lay off the junk food, eat better food, pay more attention to your health and truly become your own doctor if you're not already, because if you don't do this, you will wish you had.
We've been working hard to defend your life and the lives of your family members with these alerts, but every week I'm struggling to keep my doors open. As the economy worsens, inflation has put me on very thin ice with my ability to do this work and I've been receiving roughly one tenth as much in donations as I need to keep going. Anything you can send helps, but please send something!PAYPAL: Show me you care, show me you value this information. Thanks!