Obama to Top Brass:"Will You Obey an Order to Fire on American Citizens?"All Aboard the IAHF Lifeboat As America is Torpedoed!
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Feeling stressed? Sulfur neutralizes acid dumped into your small instestine from stress, while chelating toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us by chemtrails to safely remove them from the body. Sulfur helps you recover from oxygen debt one third faster, so you can work out longer to get ready for the battle ahead against the Fedstapo. Sulfur can help reverse type II diabetes, reverse arthritis, help you lose weight, improve your libido and help people get off every RX drug you can name.  Along with bullets, gold, heirloom seeds, and toilet paper sulfur will have barter value after the dollar crashes, and martial law is definitly on the way as you will see from reading this alert.
Please watch this shocking news story  about Obama's new "litmus test" for whether or not to keep his top military brass (he's firing all officers who refuse to fire on Americans.)
A top ranking US Military Officer has leaked a story to 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Candidate Jim Garrow that Obama's "litmus test" for whether or not to keep his top military brass depends on if they'd be willing to follow a Presidential order to fire on American Citizens or not (!!) General James Mattis, head of US Central Command, has been told several months in advance of when he was going to leave to vacate his position.
China, which owns most of our debt, is concerned that unless they're able to disarm us, they won't be able to wade in here and steal our natural resources as a way to collect on our debt, and they're worried that unless we're disarmed, we might be able to overthrow "King Obama." In this article we have a mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party demanding that Obama disarm Americans.
So they're pulling out all the stops via Senator Feinstein's "Assault Weapons Ban  to ban millions of weapons and to impose gun registration so they'll know what doors to kick in after martial law ensues. See this article.
Garrow, the whistleblower, is a very credible man, a Canadian whose organization has saved thousands of Chinese girls from being killed by their parents as a result of China's "one child" policy via which male children are valued more than girls due to males being better able as breadwinners to provide support for aging parents. So all over China, people have been killing baby girls to try again for a boy.
Only two days after Obama's victory, the Communist Party USA proclaimed it to be a "great victory for the people." Obama is obviously a communist, a traitor, and a satanist. His attack on the second amendment is a gutless traitorous attempt to enslave us so we will be microchipped and forced to live as literal slaves on a global plantation that the NWO is attempting to foist off on us.
According to Garrow, who has spent a lot of time in China, Obama is not respected at all by the Chinese people because they recognize the fact that he is a traitor to his own country, and that he is attempting to impose communism on America, under which they've been suffering in China.

The Chinese want to be able to invade America to seize all of our natural resources, but they realize that as long as we are armed, that would not be possible. So they are leaning on Obama to disarm us, and he is doing his best to oblige them. The Chinese have already been allowed by our congress of whores to set up "foreign trade zones" which are like little Chinas in different parts of America. Through these "little chinas" they could easily invade us with troops.
If they succeed in disarming us, we will be sitting ducks for the worst forms of tyranny including being lined up in food lines to be microchipped after the dollar crashes and martial law is declared. If you value your access to dietary supplements, and to all freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights, get armed and take regular target practice!Urge everyone you know to do the same!
Obama's efforts to collapse the dollar are part of a plan to force us into the CFR's long planned North American Union collectivist dictatorship with Canada and Mexico as part of a bigger plan to force us into a global totalitarian state.
Waiting in the wings is the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which the FDA has already created one harmonized set of food and drug regs that would destroy our access to dietary supplements. Our congress of whores is far too sold out to Pharma to ever give us congressional oversight on this scam, which is why we must support this Canadian lawsuit against Health Canada.  Unless health freedom is successfully defended in Canada, which is rapidly being harmonized to the draconian EU, the USA will be shot down with them via harmonization.
1. Contact your county sheriff and urge him to join the 225 Sheriffs who are refusing to enforce Obama's illegal gun control.
2. Call your Senators via the Capital Switchboard at 1-877-SOB-USOB to oppose Senator Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban of 2013. This bill would ban high capacity magazines that we need to oppose tyranny, along with numerous weapons that we need revolt against this traitor who intends to unleash our own military troops on us.
Keep in mind that Obama is a communist traitor who is attempting to assist China so they can invade us to seize our resources, and keep in mind that he is a tool of the UN which has declared Judeo-Christian religions and Islam to be "unsustainable" via the Global Biodiversity Assessment Report, as the satanic UN seeks to impose the cult of Gaia as the only allowed world religion because it jives nicely with the UN's eugenics/genocide agenda 21.
3. Chemtrailing can be expected to increase as the dollar is crushed via ongoing deficit spending intended to trigger martial law because the satanic NWO wants to weaken and sicken us as much as they can. We are being sprayed with a long list of toxic heavy metals, antibiotic resistant bacteria and other toxins (see list in left margin here.) Be sure you have enough sulfur to protect yourself and your family!
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Please forward this article widely, more people need to realize the danger we are all in unless we stop the NWO's assault on the US Constitution. Together we can stop the New World Order!