Well...last week we FINALLY made it over the Patriots hump.  This week the Bills are going to have to get things firing on all cylinders, however, if we have any hope of taking down the Seahawks and League MVP darling, Russell Wilson.  

The one thing we do know for sure is you need to get down to Hurricane’s tomorrow to watch with us!!  Last week was a full house (within COVID guidelines) for us and was an amazing game day experience.  If you haven’t come out yet this season, get on it this week!  The food is outstanding, the staff topnotch, and there are beer towers...need I say more?

Please, please remember that you must hang out only at your own table and you must wear your mask when walking to your table and when visiting the restroom.  These are statewide guidelines with which everyone should be familiar.  Please do not jeopardize Hurricane’s ability to stay open and bring us a home for Bills football this fall!

Doors open at NOON.  Tables are first come, first served and once they fill up, that’s it!  Plan accordingly!  Come early and get your table, there’s not a bad seat in the house!

See you tomorrow!  GO BILLS!