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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
March 04,  2013
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Urgent Notice
Community Vehicle Out of Service until Thursday

There was a minor accident with the community vehicle over the weekend, and the rear wind-screen and rear roll bar suffered some damage..

The vehicle will be out of service from today until Thursday.

Graeme Crayford

Letter to the Editor
Fallen Tree at Church Point Car Park

Car1 car2

The large tree which fell on Saturday 2nd March and damaged quite a number of vehicles had been reported to Council weeks/ months ago as dangerous and had been marked for removal. It had also been reported again to council at the end of January that it was getting worse and needed to be cut down. No  action was taken by council and of course it has fallen, on my car as well as a number of others, on Saturday. This would not have occurred had council taken it down weeks ago or cordoned off the area which was under threat of the tree falling.  If this tree had fallen on a weekday at this time of day it might have cost lives, as well as property.

When a call to council is made on a safety issue it is council's responsibility to quickly remove it and therefore there is a strong case of negligence by them and owners of cars which were damaged should be compensated by council not car owners insurers who then increase our premiums.

A letter will be sent to the General Manager outlining the facts so that this delay on such an important safety issue does not happen again.

It  would be good if  owners of every vehicle affected be included in this letter and you should email me chaskell2@gmail.com if you wish to be included which will strengthen our case.

Colin Haskell 

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