All Of Us on Edge of Cliff As Our Constitution Dangles By a Thread--- John in the IAHF Office

IAHF List:

One of you who was so incensed by the alert I sent out earlier this evening just made the mistake of calling my house while I was eating a late dinner to rage at me over the phone, accusing me of being a "racist" for calling for President Elect Obama to be shot down by the Supreme Court due to his not being eligable to run for the office on a basis of his not meeting the requirements to be considered "natural born."

I told you not to mess with me, and I meant it. I felt so irritated by my dinner being interrupted that I decided to do some digging, and I just found something very worth your time to watch:

Please go to this link and watch a great speech by a great American, a black man who was raised in the City of Savannah Georgia, a man who had his own experience of breaking the color barrier as the first black man to ever enter the seminary that he went to, a man who I have great respect for due to his ironclad belief in our Constitution: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

I predict that Clarence Thomas will be among the Supreme Court Justices who are about to make history by defending our Constitution by telling the Democratic National Committee, the Federal Election Commission, and Barack Obama to stand down.

I predict they will shoot down Berg's case saying he lacked standing to bring it before them because he failed to go through the Pennsylvania courts first so did not exhaust his legal remedy, but I predict they WILL HEAR the Donofrio case because this Constitutional lawyer DID exhaust HIS legal remedy by going through the New Jersey Courts. I'd like to THANK the person on the IAHF list from Hawaii who called the Donofrio case to my attention.

Being a New Jerseyan by birth, I am proud that someone from my state is bringing this case. I grew up playing on the battlefields from the Revolution, and used to find lead musket balls in the clay along the banks of the brook in the back yard of the house I grew up in in Summit, NJ. The most pivotal battle of the Revolution was fought very near where I grew up in Jockey Hollow, near Morristown. It was there that Washington routed the British army when they attempted to march from Philadelphia to New York City, but they never made it. They were ambushed by a rag tag group of farmers, clad in rags, who had no shoes in some cases and their feet were bloody and frost bitten from the snow.

They hadn't been paid in weeks, but wouldn't even THINK of deserting because they'd witnessed attrocities. Their wives had been raped by the British. Their houses had been burned to the ground. Their farms destroyed. They fought a battle for all of us that we must keep fighting today, or we will LOSE every precious shread of liberty they strove to give to us back then.

I believe that Justice Thomas understands these sentiments, and I believe his loyalty to the Constitution is much greater than it will be to this imposter, this pseudo black man named Barack Obama, this crack using communist would be userper whose only loyalty is to a future global totalitarian state and NOT to any of our liberties.

If you want to maintain your access to dietary supplements, you can't ignore the fact that Kennedy, Durben, Waxman and Dingell want to take them away, with help from Obama. If you want to maintain your access to dietary supplements, you can't ignore the fact that one reason the Bilderberg group wants this criminal to be our President is that they're testing us, they're checking to see if we even NOTICE that he fails to meet the Constitutional requirement that he be natural born, and if we don't notice, you can expect a MASSIVE ACCELERATION of their plans to dismantle our nation and to force us into a North American Union Dictatorship via which they FDA has long planned to make an end run around DHSEA- see

Well I for DAMN sure did notice all of this, but that does NOT make me racist- I'm just VIGILENT. I am no more "racist" than Alan Keyes is for filing his OWN lawsuit against Obama over this same issue. Keyes actually IS a black man, Thomas actually IS a black man, but Obama most assuredly is NOT. All he is is an IMPOSTER, a mixed race individual raised by white people who is very confused about his own identity in a lot of ways but he is not confused about being a communist UN loving traitor. That much he's very clear about.

In my previous alert I urged you all to familiarize yourselves with the Donofrio case: and to communicate with all the Supreme Court Justices by writing to them at

Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20543

and let them know how much you want them to look very carefully at what Donofrio is saying about Obama not having been Natural Born. He simply wasn't. His own grandmother publicly stated he was born in Kenya and she'd have no reason to lie. We must see the long form birth certificate that the State of Hawaii is wrongly blocking us from seeing. We all have a RIGHT to see it.

The Supremes damn well MUST examine the law as it existed in 1961 and they MUST examine this matter of Obama's mother only being 18 when Obama was born. The law specifically states that she must have lived in the country for a minimum of 5 years after her 16th birthday at the time of his birth for him to be natural born. That fact alone is hard evidence that Obama is not eligable for the Presidency and cannot legally be sworn in. Its not legal for the electoral college to vote him in.

If the Supremes fail to rule correctly in this matter, we will have a civil war in this country, and it will be between the people who believe in the constitution and those who don't.  This could trigger martial law.

If the Supremes do rule correctly and the inner cities erupt, we could be put under martial law.

All of us better look hard at this because none of us need martial law. I've been saying for a long time that I'm not a Republican or Democrat- that I refuse to buy into this Hegelian Dialectic divide and conquer scheme of the ruling elite who want us all fighting each other so we won't pay attention to THEM- the string pullers behind the curtain who in this case are trying to foist off an imposter, a man who is not legally qualified by birth to be our President.

Now is the time for everyone on the IAHF list, regardless of political affiliation or lack thereof to rally around the Constitution. If you aren't prepared to do this, it tells me you're not serious about wanting to defend your access to dietary supplements or to oppose Codex.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kennedy, Durbin, Waxman and Dingell want to repeal DSHEA, and Obama would be more than happy to help 'em do it by signing any bill they ram through this Democrat controlled Con-gress into law. He's nothing but an imposter. Thats why he refuses to show us his long form birth certificate. He's nothing but a Trojan Horse the Bilderberg group is trying to wheel into our midst to put the finishing touches on the planned destruction of our country.

Now damn it, my dinner was interrupted by a voicer who called and screamed at me alleging that I'm a racist. So I generated this additional alert to once again stand up for the truth. I'm no more a "racist" than Justice Thomas is or than Alan Keyes is. They're a couple of black men who share my belief in our constitution.

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