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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

October 26, 2016

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater






Today the Northern Beaches Council have published an outrageous proposal to remove 25% (the roadside row of the main carpark) over the weekend from those with a Church Point Parking Permit. This removes a right we have had for over 50 years (since the main carparking area was created) to be able to park here to access our homes and a right which has existed for as long as the offshore communities themselves have been in existence.

To be exact the proposal is for the road side row of parking: “CPP not excepted Fri, Sat, Sun and   ..PH between 9.30am Friday to 7pm ..Sunday and/or PH”

This unexpected and totally unacceptable proposal requires a vigorous response from the offshore communities. The foundations of the implicit agreement that the Offshore communities entered into with Council in forming the Church Point Plan of Management to help jointly fund this project are being thrown out the window. This also fulfils our worst fears of the new mega-Council riding rough shod over small local communities.

  1.     Register to speak or to ask a question and/or at least attend the Council Consultation Meeting on Saturday
  2.     Phone, write, email and or communicate your views to Council through as many channels as you can
  3.     Pledge (or donate now) some funds or legal expertise (which if necessary we can call on later) so if necessary we can mount a legal fight against this proposal
  4.     Be prepared for a larger and ongoing protest campaign if this proposal is not immediately thrown out
In the interim it is also important that we are not totally distracted by this diversionary proposal and that we do not let it totally derail us from our advocacy for our other proposals (previously distributed) for “Demand Management” and improved access to our homes. For example, the Council proposal is still for a number of 4P (6am to 10pm) parking spaces (with no exemption) in the local streets along with a few unrestricted spaces.

SIRA and WPCA Committees

1 By the time the project is complete the offshore communities will have committed about $3.5M - $4M from the CPPPs and, if we are the major lessees of the leased spaces, a further $2.5M - $3M (i.e. about $6.5M in total of this $9.5M project)

(See Council website for more information)

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Scotland Island Residents Association (SIRA), or the Western Pittwater Community Association (WPCA)

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