Scotland Island Community Vehicle

Available from: 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 5pm only

Bookings must be made in advance BY XMAS EVE

Bookings must be made in advance BY XMAS EVE

Please request and/or confirm your booking with the driver on duty Xmas Eve

Have a great Christmas and New Year!
From the Community Vehicle Driver Team

0404 103 700



The Scotland Island recycling collection will be the same as usual over Christmas and New Year.
Just a reminder to follow the guidelines for recycling, see attached PDF flyer or read all about it in the POD.

There are still a number of residents who are not separating bottles and paper, putting general waste into bins, leaving out recycling in plastic bags and discarding cardboard that is either too large or too much! Please also look for PET labelling on plastics as not all plastics are recyclable.

Recycling that is not contained in black bins, or incorrectly left out, will be left on the roadside which is not a good look, especially over the holidays.

So, those of you who have bought or receive gifts in large cardboard boxes at Xmas, PLEASE, PLEASE tear them into small pieces and place in the Paper/Cardboard bin. It might take a few weeks to dispose of the lot, but better to do that than have it left behind to get wet and soggy when it rains!!

Another problem is placing recycling in cardboard boxes as, once again, these will not be taken.

If for some reason your bin has gone missing, please email and enter number/type of bin (e.g. Paper x 1/Bottles x 1) and a request will be made to URM for additional bins – this might take a few weeks, so be patient!