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As you read this news, bear in mind that for every action there is an EXACT and OPPOSITE reaction!! Much HOPE is ALSO provided in this e-alert, so don't despair!!


This morning at 8 AM robot functionaries from the FBI and Secret Services raided the offices of Liberty Dollar in Evanston, IN and confiscated all of their records, and Liberty Dollars including 2 Tons of Ron Paul Dollars that were just delivered last Friday.This moves seems extraordinarily bold considering that Liberty Dollar's right to operate already was being litigated in federal court.

Below my comments please see the comments of Bernard Von NotHaus of Liberty Dollar who is urging anyone whose property was just stolen by the government in this raid to sign up for a class action lawsuit.

Andrew Williams, a spokesman for the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. made this statement which is found on the front page of Liberty Dollar's website:

"There is no law that says goods and services must be paid for with Federal Reserve notes. Parties entering into a transaction can establish any medium of exchange that is agreed upon."

Paul Harvey, well-known and respected news commentator, reported:

What's new? The Liberty Dollar! Fed Ex competes with the Post Office. So now there's the Liberty Dollar competing with the greenbacks printed by your government. The Liberty Dollar is backed by gold and silver. Yes, there's a competitive currency right here in the United States. In five years it has become the second most popular currency in America.

Friends: This Fedstapo raid underscores the fact that we're at war against the Bilderberg Illuminati pond scum right now, and that they're getting scared and desperate because with information such as Alex Jones film ENDGAME out there: their window of opportunity to STEP on all of us is rapidly closing! They know that people are coming out of their stupors with great rapidity due to our ability via the internet to bypass the CIA controlled media.

They're overreaching via this raid as they seek to squelch the Ron Paul Revolution. They decided at the Bilderberg Conference to make Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani the Democrat and Republican "nominees" and its evident that they decided to insert Hillary as the next dictator:  However, despite this nonsense LIBERTY IS BREWING & IT CANNNOT BE STOPPED! See  and

Don't feel depressed as you read of the Fedstapo's gonadless raid against Liberty Dollar (below). Just know that for every action there is an exact and opposite REACTION: See March for America- This Saturday in 9 Cities across America, people who have had ENOUGH will be marching AGAINST the New World Order, Against the North American Union, Against Codex, and FOR FREEDOM! 

Marches in NYC and in Clearwater FL have been added to the list since I last told you about this, and I urge you to go to them, help swell the ranks of the marchers because the Revolution is ON! Its happenin' NOW, and YOU CAN HELP! Please step forward to organize a march in YOUR city! We can help! The spirit of 1776 has laid dormant in this land, but it has NOT DIED! We're all rekindling that spirit right now, and we will NEVER give up!


Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters:

I sincerely regret to inform you that about 8:00 this morning a dozen FBI and Secret Service agents raided the Liberty Dollar office in Evansville.

For approximately six hours they took all the gold, all the silver, all the platinum and almost two tons of Ron Paul Dollars that where just delivered last Friday. They also took all the files, all the computers and froze our bank accounts.

We have no money. We have no products. We have no records to even know what was ordered or what you are owed. We have nothing but the will to push forward and overcome this massive assault on our liberty and our right to have real money as defined by the US Constitution. We should not to be defrauded by the fake government money.

But to make matters worse, all the gold and silver that backs up the paper certificates and digital currency held in the vault at Sunshine Mint has also been confiscated. Even the dies for mint the Gold and Silver Libertys have been taken.

This in spite of the fact that Edmond C. Moy, the Director of the Mint, acknowledged in a letter to a US Senator that the paper certificates did not violate Section 486 and were not illegal. But the FBI and Services took all the paper currency too.

The possibility of such action was the reason the Liberty Dollar was designed so that the vast majority of the money was in specie form and in the people's hands. Of the $20 million Liberty Dollars, only about a million is in paper or digital form.

I regret that if you are due an order. It may be some time until it will be filled... if ever... it now all depends on our actions.

Everyone who has an unfulfilled order or has digital or paper currency should band together for a class action suit and demand redemption. We cannot allow the government to steal our money! Please don't let this happen!!! Many of you read the articles quoting the government and Federal Reserve officials that the Liberty Dollar was legal. You did nothing wrong. You are legally entitled to your property. Let us use this terrible act to band together and further our goal – to return America to a value based currency.

Please forward this important Alert... so everyone who possess or use the Liberty Dollar is aware of the situation.

Please click HERE to sign up for the class action lawsuit and get your property back!
If the above link does not work you can access the page by copying the following into your web browser.
Thanks again for your support at this darkest time as the damn government and their dollar sinks to a new low.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect
just what they are up to:
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