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Last Under The Sun will be touring Europe from 7th September until 19th September 2010. Last Under The Sun Website and more band info here
Last Under The Sun tour dates:
Tuesday 7th - Zoro, Leipzig, Germany with Visions of war
Wednesday 8th - Stumpf, Hannover, Germany
Thursday 9th - Raumstation, Frankfurt, Germany
Saturday 11th - Kopi, Berlin, Germany
Sunday 12th - Discentrum, Prague, Czech Republic
Monday 13th - Club Futra, Orlova, Czech Republic
Tuesday 14th - Biograffs, Decin, Czech Republic
Thursday 16th - Den Barbaar, Ghent, Belgium
Friday 17th - Venue to be confirmed, Groningen, Netherlands
Saturday 18th - Gullugem Festival Belgium
Sunday 19th - Carlo Levi, Liege, Belgium
Last Under The Sun - Hooligan Jihad (5 Songs recorded July-September 2010)
Listen on and DOWNLOAD all tracks FREE
Last Under The Sun - "Gone" CD 2010
Tracklisting: Time For Your Leaving / Summers Day / Reversa / Those Who Speak / Painting Is Dead / The Don / The Shed / Lost Yourself / The Trolley Song / Out My Way / No One / Count To Ten / Colin Blakemore / David Icke / Backwards / Captain Of My Soul / Inside out
Last Under The Sun was put together in Birmingham by Mark in 2000. Last Under The Sun played its first gig on 9th October 2001, at Manhattens, Hereford, UK with Eggraid and Redshift. The band is based in Birmingham and plays a mixture of punk and hardcore. The band has played all over the place gigging in England, Wales and Scotland.
In 2004 and again in 2005 the band went to Holland, Belgium, France and Germany with Sensa Yuma.
In 2008 Last Under The Sun found a new drummer called Simon (ex-Rivers Edge). The band also started working with Pid and Chris and toured Europe as a new line up of Police Bastard.
Last Under The Sun has just finished recording a new 5 song EP called Hooligan Jihad for release later this year and online.
Some of the bands that Last Under The Sun have played with include: Subhumans, Active Minds, Red Flag 77, Drongos for Europe, Headjam, Bus Station Looonies, Kismet HC, Dufus, Tiny Elvis, Sensa Yuma, Tarantism.....
In 2009 Nick J. Townsend, Basement Sound Radio's METAL TIME Festival organiser and regular at Base Studios put a video together for Last Under The Sun - "Bring Me Their Heads" Directed by Martyn Kilvert.
Pete Rhead aka Peej put together a video for Last Under The Sun - "Reversa" and "Summers Day" from the album "Gone" which was recorded in 2005 and has used music by Last Under the Sun for a short film called "DIVIDERS."
Band line up since 2000 and others bands played in.
Mark Badger – Guitar and Vocals (2000-present) – Police Bastard
Si Reeves – Bass (2002-present) – Police Bastard / Damn Dirty Apes / Lokey
Seano Porno – Guitar and Vocals (2008-present) – Police Bastard / Jilted Generation / Depth Charge / Sensa Yuma / Dogshit Sandwich / Freebase / Set Against / Hardcore (That Became Mangled) / The Dangerfields / Lokey
Simon Roe – Drums (2008-present) – Police Bastard / Rivers Edge / Lokey
Recordings made so far include:
“All Agents Defect” 30 songs 2001 (Digital Download only
“Windfall” recorded 2001 8 Song album released May 2004 (Iron Man Records)
“All Empires Crumble” recorded 2004 5 song EP released May 2005 (Iron Man Records)
“Gone” recorded Sept 2005 17 song album released December 2009 (Iron Man Records)
Hooligan Jihad recorded July 2010 5 Song EP coming soon 2010 (Iron Man Records)
Last Under The Sun - "Gone" CD Review from Itchy Bum 'Zine:
.....To all intents and purposes Last… are a punk band, but they’re a punk band which transcends punk and takes it off in a unique direction – one that defies labelling. Sure they have fast songs, and sure the drums can, on occasion, pound you into submission, but many of the songs are built around a slow-burning melody that grows and grows as the song progresses. And it’s this quality that sets Last Under The Sun apart from the pack. And that, my friends, is certainly no bad thing. We need a few more bands doing something “different”. - Itchy Bum 'Zine 2010
"Gone" CD Review - Rock Links / Nick J. Townsend’s Monthly Column
"One of the greatest (if not the greatest) bands to come out of England in the past 10 years. That’s a bold statement and yes I made it because I totally believe it too. This band is brutal, hard hitting, powerful, with deep lyrics, genius, talented and amazing live too. I could go on, and I will. The guitars and riffs this band produce are world class and will fuel the hardest stomper. The best of the best at what they do. They are hardcore, they are punk, they are metal, they are a million other great things, Last Under The Sun are the band I want playing at my funeral. I think that says it all really. If a band makes you want to hear them after you are dead then that truly must be the ultimate thing." - Rock Links / Nick J Townsend’s Monthly Column
Last Under The Sun - "Gone" CD Review - Paul E.D Music World Radio
"You will not get a suntan, but a nice ear blast.
This is not a full throttle hardcore punk album with 25 two second songs.  This is more a roller-coaster of sounds. From short 3 minute songs to 5-6 epic offerings, if you like punk with a more eclectic, 'off your head' edge; with quiet electronic element in live instrument form, then check this out.
From subtle songs to ballistic missiles. Starts with Time For Your Leaving then dives into Aphex Twin live band style Painting Is Dead.
The trolley song is what you would expect on the album. The punk/indie cross, thrashing the guitar riffs then to what sounds like like acoustic cuts. Great guitar riffs with vocals from Mark. The song reminds me of The Wedding Present.
If you were expecting straight down the road raw punk, this will take you by surprise. Half of the Police Bastard line up on this album, which is the reason for the crossover sound.
If you want an album to leave you gasping for breath then this is for you.
If you have never heard this band before, think The Wedding Present crossed with Aphex Twin elements and fast guitar work" - Paul E.D Music World Radio (January 2010)

More words.....
" seems only fitting that their debut CDEP be a focused, uncompromising attack on callous warmongers everywhere.... the importance of the message being delivered utterly eclipses the medium that delivers it." Ian Glasper - Terrorizer Magazine - Issue 132 June 2005
"..a bass and rhythm section as tight as eberneezer scrooge.....Too short by half, this is nonetheless essential and extreme." Positive Creed fanzine
"..hardcore punk rock in total English style: fast and chaotic and like a fist to the head.....This will fuel you like Crazy." No Front Teeth Fanzine
"Last Under The Sun are one of the best hardcore bands around they create songs with a clear message and deliver them in crushing and uncompromising style." Will Munn Rhtyhm and Booze Fanzine
"..great hooks and a furious sense of energy driving the whole thing. This is one of the best punk rock records I've heard recently from Britain (Birmingham)" Reason to Believe #10 Fanzine

Last Under The Sun - Gone CD Cover artwork 2009
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