.........................................................................................................De-Stress Yourself.... drink Sulfur twice a day!!!!
...............................................................................................& Jettison Your Mucoid Plaque to Detox Your Bowel!
IAHF List: Please see Call for Investigation (May 16th)ARE YOU A MEDICAL TARGET? Dr. George Friebott (President of the American Naturopathic Association) and I were interviewed by Don Grahn, and we address many important topics- I urge everyone to subscribe to Don Grahn's You Tube Channel and to listen to watch his TV Show which airs on the web and over Cable TV in Seattle WA. Friebott, Grahn and I will be doing more shows over this You Tube Channel moving forward!
In the broadcast discussed above, one of the many pertinent topics we focused on was this Boston Herald editorial which actually calls for Naturopaths and others who oppose vaccinations "to be HANGED" (!!)  
Mike Adams reported the Boston Herald to the FBI and investigative reporter Jeff Jaxsen identifies Rachelle Cohen as the author of the hit piece, and provides a way for us to fight back directly against her at this link!  (Please join George and I in taking action against this evil whore who at a minimum should be fired from her job!
We also called very widespread attention to Chemtrails, the Transhumanist Agenda to Hijack our Natural Biology in order to turn us into Non Reproducing Cyborgs and How to Counteract all of this ruling elite "scumbaggery" via Detoxification- so please watch, listen and learn and read on to get the specifics on how to protect yourself, your family, and your friends!
In a world gone mad, isn't it comforting to have some things you can do that are very simple, and which help to transcend the fungus thats among us? Isn't it great to know that we have the power to neutralize all vexatious stressors including the weaponized parasites being sprayed on us via chemtrails just by drinking sulfur twice a day to make our cell walls more porous so we can help oxygen flood in, and push out the trash while chelating all the heavy metals?
Isn't it great to know that we have the power to neutralize the CIA's despicable efforts to hijack our natural biology by counteracting the weaponized parasites they're spraying on us so that they can't mess with such critical biological function as our red blood cells ability to carry oxygen, and all the other things identified by researcher Clifford Carnicom?
I like the cartoon shown above because it truly speaks truth to power. What Soros, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and other Banksters really want, in the final analysis is quite simple:
They want it ALL, they want this planet for THEMSELVES and their progeny, and they seek to kill off most of the rest of us, and turn the survivors into non reproducing cyborgs. They use their control of the mainstream media to brainwash the masses into stupidly going along with their globalist treachery by making it "politically incorrect" to even ATTEMPT to oppose them..... hell, if you TRY to oppose their agenda, you get labelled a "racist" and worse!
My grandmother, Elizabeth Lansdell Hammell, a great watercolor flower painter, used to tell me, "John, theres a battle going on all around us, and inside of us between forces of good, and forces of evil, but we have the ability to CHOOSE which side we're on!" "Gummy" as we called her, loved to commit random acts of kindness all the time. Every day for her was an effort to increase the good in the world, and to decrease the evil.
She would take me with her to the orchards around Colt's Neck NJ where she'd pick the apples to make her famous applesauce which she would give away by the quart, and use for barter purposes. I remember the root cellar with all those thousands of jars of canned veges and applesauce. She also loved making home made banana cakes, and she'd give the cakes and applesauce to friends, family and others around Red Bank.
She drove a little Hillman Minx car, and only went to one gas station for those rare times when she'd buy gas because she never paid with cash for the gas or the repairs on the car, the mechanic was scared that delicious applesauce and those banana cakes might stop coming, and he never charged her for the repairs! We'd visit from Summit, and couldn't leave without arm loads of used books and quarts of applesauce, so as you drink your sulfur water, which will make you feel cool and good like I feel now as I type this, just remember to tell your friends about whats really going on!
Friends- when you go to the link above, and take the recommended actions, you will help to derail the ruling elite's population control agenda! Please take the recommended actions, and share this information with everyone within your sphere of influence! The Boston Herald and all other mainstream news outlets are propagandists for Big Pharma and for the CIA, by forwarding this email to everyone you know, and by urging your friends to subscribe to the IAHF list via this link, you will help us to create an army of resistance to insure the failure of the Transhumanist/ Globalist Agenda to enslave us all!

With your help, we can generate the 100th Monkey Syndrome to get this information to go viral!
Please link to this article and please repost it! The life you save could be your own or that of a loved one!
Attempts have been made against My Life and against George's. Our mutual friend Maury Silverman was assassinated by the CIA for doing this work and George talks about Maury in the TV show discussed above so please watch it HERE!!
Welcome to the Underground!!
Questions? jham@iahf.com or 1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America (Pacific Time)
Each one Teach 10, each 10 teach 100, each 100 teach 10,000, each 10,000 teach a Million.....