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On Second Thought…late, but who is watching the calendar?

Boy…if I could just twitch my nose and have everything done in the perfect time-frame…where is Samantha when one needs her?

Frosty evenings and mornings have arrived in our valley….but days are still warming up, and so…a lot of transferring plants inside/outside - outside/inside - enough already…I don’t have a lot of potted plants, mostly ferns, and a few succulents…one large pot of basil~` Oh…and the Bay tree; have I forgotten anything?

Lots and lots of greens to be managed - had an awesome day at the farmers market on Saturday. We will be posting a sign on the highway so people can come to me -this also allows for a bit fresher product for the customer…pick and go, and at times that may be a bit more convenient for them.


~A nudge….if you haven’t started your compost pile yet, now is the time.

I can’t say enough good things about well built compost. We have had a totally insect free (bad ones) season. No squash/cucumber bugs, no bean beetles, no tomato worms…all because we use healthy soil (compost) and no chemical products.

The standard acceptance is that one must spray with chemicals to keep bad insects under control. This is one of those myths designed and pushed by chemical companies. The more chemicals one uses, the more is demanded…because, it is akin to treating the symptom in a body and not the root cause of the issue.

Insects mostly live in the soil (bad ones) and they love bad soil… until we clean up the soil they will keep coming…it’s not rocket science! So kick the chemical habit and say good-bye to nasty critters.

I love this….

Oh, Adam was a gardener,
And God who made him sees
That half a proper gardener’s work
Is done upon his knees.

Rudyard Kipling

Do you know…?

The flower for October is Calendula…from the Marigold family…but don’t confuse it with the common garden Marigold…which is not edible or of medicinal value at all.~

Tis The Season~

The festive holiday season is upon us. Is your pantry stocked with fresh and tasty seasonings for all your yummy holiday cooking?

Sage Hill Farms has the best…fresh dried herbs and seasoning blends for the perfect taste you will be aiming for.

Sage Hill has a new blend… Smokey Orange… talk about good!

See you in the check out isle?

****All orders between now and the 5th of November will receive a free Tea product****my choice~


Bea Rigsby-Kunz and The Sage Hill Farms family~