We are proud to announce the first proper single from This Is Heads second album ”The Album ID”.
The single is called
Time’s an Ocean
It is released today.
Spotify: This Is Head – Time's an Ocean
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/times-an-ocean-single/id600045610
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/adrianrec/sets/this-is-head-times-an-ocean/s-5EMRN  
Download: http://www.adrianfiles.com/This_Is_Head-Times_an_Ocean.zip
Feel free to spread the music!

The second track is a remix of the album track “XVI” that in its original will be featured on the album. This version is a remix from the band Sci-Fi SKANE a project from 2 of the members of the legendary Bob Hund. This is Sci-Fi SKANE’s first remix ever.
The album is out March 27. Pre-order it on iTunes and get the track “A B-version” on an instant: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/the-album-id/id601355010
This Is Head heads to North America in March for a small tour. This is full live schedule:
2013-03-01 Blekingska – Lund

2013-03-22 The Garrison – Canadian Music Fest 2013, Toronto
2013-03-23 The Annex Live – Canadian Music Fest 2013, Toronto
2013-03-25 Glasslands – New York
2013-03-27 Fontana’s – New York
2013-03-28 PIANOS – New York
2013-04-05 Debaser Malmö – Malmö
2013-04-11 Herrgårn – Linköping
2013-04-25 Pustervik – Göteborg
2013-04-26 Debaser Medis – Stockholm
2013-04-27 V-dala – Uppsala
2013-05-04 Vega – Copenhagen
2013-06-13 – 2013-06-15 Hultsfredsfestivalen – Hultsfred
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