Nurses Being Set Up For Ebola Genocide Along With All Of Us
by Criminals in the DoD, CDC, White House, Vaccine Manufacturers
Entire lid Ripped off EBOLAGATE HERE.
Please join IAHF in showing the information in the letter below to all
Nurses, Doctors, and Others Who Work in Hospitals... I addressed it to Several
Nursing Professional Associations, but they might ignore it, we need to get it to the
individual nurses themselves so THEY will pressure their own organizations to show them the TRUTH about Ebola as Shown in the Information Below!!
Please also show this to your Senators and Congressmen, and demand that they grill the C.D.C. and the White House over this! Call your Senators and Congressmen at
1-877-SOB-USOB, ask for their email addresses, and forward this alert to them! Demand they question the White House and CDC on all by asking all the hard hitting questions shown below!
We can stop the planes bringing ebola carrying passengers into America if enough of us raise hell! We can expose the entire Ebola Psyop if we mass forward the letter to the nurses below!!
Vaccines (that will actually cause ebola) aren't scheduled to be "ready" until January, which gives us time to expose, and STOP this entire genocidal scam by exposing it!!
I need your help to do this, I am only one guy, but if all of you pitch in, we CAN STOP this planned mass global genocide!
Keep in mind that as the elite make this move, they will INTENSIFY CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING to weaken our immune systems and to biologically microchip us via the Morgellons microorganism which is in the Nanofibers in the chemtrails. (See this past alert)
I recommend you stock up on SULFUR going forward in the face of this global genocide campaign to continuosly DETOX your liver, kidneys and cells!
I ALSO recommend you stock up on vitamin C since Ebola = Weaponized Scurvy!!
See this Video: Arrest the PERPS- Stay HEALTHY With Vitamin C!!
Also see this from the Orthomolecular News Service about using Vitamin C to protect against Ebola.
Show this to Nurses, Doctors, Anyone working in a hospital, Show it to Friends, Family, Neigbors, Co-workers, Strangers you meet in check out lines, or on the bus, or on a plane or anywhere!! Please repost it to more websites, and mass forward it to all your contacts!!
The LIFE you save might be YOUR OWN!!!
National Nurses United, and
The American Nursing Association
International Council of Nurses
Please see this information, and please join us in asking badly needed questions about the C.D.C. and the huge conflicts of interest in how they are handling this whole Ebola situation!!
Also see
Yesterday I sent this alert of mine  to my double opt in email distribution list of people all over the world. Please read it, and please join me in pressuring Congress to ask the very hard questions about the CDC that we all need to ask.
Did you realize that the CDC is a for profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet?
Did you realize that the CDC holds the patent on Ebola? See the patent.
 See this article.
Did you realize that the CDC gets royalties from any vaccine created for Ebola?
Do you see the obvious conflict of interest here and the threat to the lives of nurses?
Do you now understand why that nurse in Texas who had symptoms of Ebola and who asked the CDC if it was ok for her to fly to Cleveland was told “yes”?
Do you see why the CDC Director dodged congressional questions in this hearing about why people from the hot zone in Africa were still being allowed to fly to the USA even though Ebola can lay dormant in someone for well over a month, with no visible symptoms?
Do you realize the DoD, Tulane University, and all the Vaccine Manufacturers triggered off the pandemic in Africa, and that the CDC has a financial interest in encouraging the spread of this pandemic to the USA and all over the world?  
See this well researched article by a former US Army officer and West Point Graduate:
Please help expose what is really going on here!
By helping to expose this, you can help save the lives of a huge number of people all over the world, especially nurses who should not be used this way as sacrificial lambs by greed driven vaccine manufacturers that have a business with disease!!!
John Christopher Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time