Winner of the 2012 Perugia Press Prize
for a first or second book of poetry by a woman

by  Amanda Auchter

THE WISHING TOMB is a love letter to a city that has been defined by its travails and triumphs.  New Orleans, that quintessential city of jazz and yellow fevers, of hurricanes and Creole cuisine, is integral to America’s cultural, urban, and historical landscape.  This collection is a narrative of place, but more than that, these poems create a portrait of us all: how connected we are to the land we love and to our homes, how history sometimes escapes us, and how even in our tragedies, we can be made whole again by rebuilding and moving forward.
Praised by the judges for the poet’s ability to find those moments in a long history that magnify images of strangeness, irony, and wonder, and create a lush, present, and morally serious whole.  The writing has momentum, formal attention, and is obsessive in the best way.
Amanda Auchter teaches creative writing and literature at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas.  She is also the founding editor of Pebble Lake Review.  This is her second book.
THE WISHING TOMB will be released in September 2012. 
The Perugia Press Prize is given annually for a first or second unpublished poetry collection by a woman.  The prize is $1000 and publication by Perugia Press. Visit for complete guidelines.
Finalists and Semi-Finalists
Finalists:    Jennifer Elise Foerster, Gasoline
                     Christina Hutchins, World Without
                     Charlotte Pence, Spike
Semi-Finalists:  Colleen Abel, The Double-Oared Boat; Kristin Abraham, The Disappearing Cowboy Trick; Susan Elbe, The Chicago Poems; Maria Hummel, House and Fire; Michelle Keita, Brief Evidence of Heaven; Andréana Lefton, The Flowering Ash; Alison Powell, On the Desire to Levitate; Anna Ross, If storm,; Beth Ruscio, Raucous Spells; Andrea Scarpino, As If a Welcome Light; Yael Shinar, If God Does Not Sit in the Nostrils of the Starling’s Beak; Jennifer Town, My Happy Apocalypse.
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