In hockey, the goalpost is considered a goalie’s best friend. But last week, thanks to the hand of Alex Carrington, it was the Bills best friend, keeping the game alive for the Bills to win in OT. It’s been a rollercoaster first six games, but our Bills are tied at 3-3 for the division lead, and face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday to try and make it to 4-3 going into the bye week.

We’re back to a 1pm kickoff this week. The Harp will open at 11am. But it’s not just any normal week at the Harp…

“Daaaay-ooo. Daaaaaay-ooo. Everybody’s going to the Mighty Taco!”

It’s been a while since that jingle played during timeouts at Rich Stadium (back when it was called that), but this Sunday we’ll be cheering it loud and proud at The Harp. It’s time for our 3rd Annual Mighty Taco Day! Here are the details:

* We’ve stocked up with 11 dozen Beef and Cheese burritos and a dozen Bean and Cheese burritos (as a vegetarian option).
* We’ll start serving the burritos around 12:30pm. They’ll be served buffet style from a table set up in the dining area.
* Price is $3.50 per burrito. (we’re selling at cost, we promise!)
* At first we’re going to limit one burrito per person, but after the initial rush we’ll continue to sell additional burritos until we run out. We just want to make sure we give as many people a chance to get one as possible.
* We’ve heard your feedback about the burritos in previous years being a little on the crisp side (they’re shipped frozen and baked), so we’ve worked with the Harp to tweak the cooking process this year.
* We’d also like to thank Mighty Taco for their generosity in donating a bunch of Mighty Gear to raffle off at our charity day later this year.

Not a fan of Mighty Taco? No worries! The regular menu and gameday bar menu will be available like every other Sunday.

Also Pats vs Jets are on after the Bills at 4:25pm, so feel free to stick around to cheer against the Pats. (not to be confused with cheering FOR the Jets… we wouldn’t advocate that…)

Thanks for your continued support of the group. Can’t wait to see you all Sunday!

Go Bills!