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Change of plans from alert sent out yesterday. Scrap that alert, it no longer applies to what we're facing on this battlefield because the bad AER bill was rammed through the Senate last night at 9PM, and I didn't get word of it til 5 minutes ago.


We must make calls to the following key Congressmen RIGHT AWAY all day today (Thursday) and Friday if theres no action on it today. Whats happening is that the Senate and House are playing tit for tat, each group is trying to get the other to pass companion bills to legislation that they've passed in their body. In other words, in our case, since S.3546 has passed in the Senate, the Senate is now pressuring the House to pass the companion bill which is HR6168 

So..... we must call:  202-225-3121 (Capital Switchboard 24/7) and ask for:

1. Hastert

2. Boehner- (tell him not to allow it to be put on the calendar- he opposes the bill, but now theres going to be HUGE pressure on him to let it be voted on.)

3. Barton

What to say: "HR 6168, the

"A large sector of the Dietary Supplement industry including Solgar, Nutraceutical Corp, Nature's Plus, Life Extension Foundation, Wellness Resources and many other companies oppose HR6168   Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act. This legislation has nothing in it to determine causality of an Adverse event. Safe dietary supplements would be wrongly blamed for problems actually caused by pharmaceutical drugs taken concurrently with one or more dietary supplements- and there would be no medical or scientific review required by FDA before they could release the flawed "data" released by this witch hunt. This would be a trial lawyers dream, but its not good government and it would do nothing to protect the public health. There must be hearings on this legislation, and there must be changes made to its language before it would actually serve its intended purpose. Do not ram it through on us during the lame duck- if you do, you will enrage the millions of dietary supplements who flooded congress with more mail during the campaign to pass DSHEA than Congress ever received in its history on ANY issue."

Put some power behind your voice when you deliver this message- put some INFLECTION into your voice, let them FEEL your emotion!!

WE CAN KILL THIS BILL, but ONLY if you make the calls and urge all your FRIENDS and FAMILY to also make the calls! If we can just HANG IN THERE for the next 2 days and kill it in the House, then they'll have to completely reintroduce the bill in the next congress and it will be back to square one for the other side.

We MUST buy some time in order to get HEARINGS on this bill in the next congress where we'd have the chance to de-fuse the ticking bomb by getting language changes into it to protect our interests! If we don't take this very seriously, it will lead to the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the American dietary supplement industry. We'll see supplements wrongly blamed for adverse reactions actually caused by Rx drugs taken concurrently. We'll see "Trial by TV" like never before against supplements.

We'll see insurance companies jack up their premium costs beyond what any of the small, innovative companies such as Wellness Resources or Life Extension Foundation could afford, and we'd see a total Pharma takeover of the industry occur. As it is now, we're dangling by a THREAD, but we AREN'T DEAD YET, and while there is still BREATH in our bodies, we MUST FIGHT!!

IAHF needs your help to get back to DC in January:

If we can kill the AER bill in the House during this lame duck session which ends Friday, the bill would have to be reintroduced in the next Congress under new bill numbers- they'd have to try again- and we will have to push very hard for a HEARING on the bill in order to get the changes made to it that we need.

The other side is pulling out all the stops to get this bill through because it would enable the big supplement companies that could afford the red tape to knock off the small companies that can't and the big ones would gain hugely increased marketshare. Thank God not all big companies are against us! Please be sure to THANK Nature's Plus, Nutraceutical, and Solgar for being in our corner against NPA (formerly NNFA).

We must continue to build our base regardless of what happens on this bill. We must ALSO push for a hearing on FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico wherein FDA is attempting to harmonize the food and drug regs for all 3 countries as if the N.American Union already existed. We're seeing a concerted push to DESTROY our country, and it will be destroyed, but ONLY if we LET it!

See my petition and please sign it: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body

For donations of $25 we'll send a copy of Byron Richard's book


For $50. we'll send the book, plus Kevin Miller's documentary film "We Become Silent" about the Codex vitamin issue.For $100. we'll send the above + an IAHF Bumper Sticker.

For $200. or more we'll send the above + an autographed photo suitable for framing of John Hammell swimming in a hole cut in the ice of a frozen pond.

The photo helps anyone who sees it to increase their resolve to be stronger than any hardship you may ever face. 

Please help us get back to DC so we can do our work!

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