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Listen up! A key vote on the fate of the internet happens THIS FRIDAY in the House, and I need your help NOW to fight back.

If the web were turned into a toll road, and it suddenly were to take 5 minutes for the IAHF website to open because I can't afford whatever extorsionistic rate the telecommunications giants would like to charge so that it would even take people with high speed connections forever to get into my site, far fewer people would visit and we would have one hell of a harder time defending health freedom.

On another note, IAHF and NHF have drafted a letter that we're getting around to members of the House Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee. We're trying to get someone to send this letter to the FDA Commissioner to ask a lot of questions about their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico. This is the first step toward getting an oversight hearing. Donations are needed to send John Hammell back to DC for lobbying on this. See http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113342.htm We now have copies of Byron Richard's new book Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America which I've had input into. We'll send this book to you for a donation of $25.
If you'd like it and our existing Education Kit as shown on the website, we'll send both for a donation of $50. Additional donations beyond that are always helpful as trips to DC are expensive.


Please go here http://action.freepress.net/campaign/savethenet to send a form letter to congress to save Network Neutrality so that the telecommunications giants don't force website owners (like me) to have to pay extorsionistic rates for our websites to open as quickly as those who can afford to pay these fees.

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Will the Full House Get to Vote?
The tech companies are wading into the fight, gingerly (with eBay as the most effective) writes Matt Stoller. But their pro-Net Neutrality campaign is still dwarfed by AT&T, BellSouth and Verizon's legislative shopping spree.

The telcos are reportedly spending between ten and fifty million dollars in their campaign to control the Internet. Their ads are splashed across local TV in DC, Maine, Washington State, Wisconsin and other areas of the country. Their money is channeled through phony front groups like Hands off the Internet and TV4US (along with indirect costs, such as money to think tanks) in a campaign to paint Net Neutrality as big, bad government regulation - bad for consumer Joe's like you and me.

This deceptive campaign also includes canned telephone appeals and beltway radio spots. These Astroturf pitches fail to mention that every major consumer advocacy group is in our coalition and opposed to the telco cartel on this - or that their real plan is not to free net-users from regulation but to write new laws that clear the way for AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth to seize control of content.

Telco money has bought a lot of support in the House, though less in the Senate. The House telecom bill that's on deck this week is called the COPE Act. As it's currently written it eviscerates net neutrality.

It's now up to the House Committee on Rules to allow an amendment onto the floor that would put meaningful and enforceable Network Neutrality language into the Act. The 13 members that play gatekeepers at Rules are meeting 3:30pm, Wednesday. They could stand a call from you. Tell them that we need the full House to vote on Net Neutrality. Every representative's stance on the future of the Internet should be put on the record.

If Rules allows Net Neutrality to the floor, we expect a full House vote as early as Friday.

The House fight is in its final throes. After this week, the Net Neutrality debate will shift to Congress, where we have good momentum behind a bipartisan bill offered by Senators Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota).

Stay tuned.