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IAHF List:

I realize that even some of you who have been on the IAHF list for many years are in denial about whats coming toward us. How could you not be? Especially if you are married and have children. In such a situation its much harder to come to grips with the thought that America is facing an even higher level of oppression and tyranny than existed in Germany in the 1930s prior to the outbreak of WW2, or that the same ruling elite who put Hitler into power have installed Bush on us and they're currently attempting to orchestrate WW3 as part of their societal control plans to force us into a Global Dictatorship.

Maybe for you its hard to believe that our government has detailed plans to kill off 80% of us, but for me its very easy to believe this. I had lunch one day with a man who had quit his job at the top echelon of FEMA in Washington DC where he'd been tasked with being one of the people who had to implement Martial Law. When I met this guy he was Headmaster of a Boys Boarding School in Front Royal, VA and I'd driven quite a distance from Floyd VA to meet him.

I asked him how he coped with the knowledge that we're living under the 4th Reich right now in America, and that they have detailed plans to exterminate 80% of us, and he said "I take my students on a lot of 3 day backpacking trips off into the Appalachian mountains where I teach them everything I know about survival, and I practice these skills myself. Since quitting my job I have been informed by friends still on the inside that my name was added to the RED LIST of people who the NWO intends to execute when Martial Law comes down." The great irony of the situation is that many of this guy's students are the children of CIA personnel who live in Front Royal.

I don't know about YOU, but when I learn about a detailed, highly organized plan to kill ME, MY FAMILY, and LARGE NUMBERS of my fellow Americans, I don't just sit there like a bump on a log, I take ACTION, and you must too!!

If you don't want the iron boot of tyranny stomping in your face forever, if you don't want to be imprisoned in a FEMA prison camp where the government would force you to work just like the prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps were forced to work, I encourage you to watch Alex Jones newest documentary film END GAME at

The film documents the ruling elite's Genocide agenda and brings this shocking threat to kill off 80% of the world's population front and center for all of us to ponder and take notice of. I strongly encourage all of you to urge friends and family to take the following steps to oppose the Ruling Elite's Genocide and Societal Control Plans:

A) Watch END GAME, and

B) Join you in taking grass roots action necessary to save America from its planned destruction, and through doing this you will safeguard your access to dietary supplements which are being threatened by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter and Codex- see   

C) See this Special Anti NAU Issue of the New American:

D) Get involved with the Marches for America on November 17th- see

What do the states of Idaho, Montana, and Oklahoma have in common? Answer: Anti North American Union Resolutions have been passed by both houses in their State Legislatures.

In Utah and Arizona, Anti NAU Resolutions have passed in one house of their State Legislatures, while attempts have been made in Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee,South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama to introduce such Resolutions in at least one house in their state legislatures.

Is it worth your time and energy to work at the grass roots level to pass Resolutions such as this? Is it worth your time and energy to get behind Ron Paul's Presidential campaign to support his total opposition to the North American Union dictatorship?

Is it worth your time and energy to get involved with Marches for America intended to awaken your fellow countrymen who have been kept largely in the dark regarding this enormous threat to ALL of our most deeply cherished freedoms by the controlled media?

Watch Alex Jones new documentary END GAME at

and take a serious look at your life. Ask yourself how much longer you want to remain alive. Ask yourself how much it means to you to have freedom, to live under a Constitutional rule of law.

If you conclude that its worth it to you to defend your life, and the lives of your family members, don't you think you should consider putting a much higher priority on fighting back? You cannot watch Jones movie and remain in denial, not unless you are out of your mind that is. Jones is not mincing words, and neither am I. I am telling you point blank that we're on the verge of being plunged into Martial Law. The dollar has lost more than 40% of its purchasing power in the past 4 years and is going into the dumper. It will soon reach the point of being totally worthless, and we're going to be witnessing civil unrest on a massive scale in the not too distant future.

As baby boomers retire and learn theres no more social security money for them because the system is totally bankrupt, how do you think they'll react? How are people going to react as they continue losing jobs and having to foreclose on mortgages because millions of jobs are being outsourced abroad as the New World Order makes its move to enslave us?

How will YOU react when FEMA comes a knockin', demanding you turn over your GUNS as they move to "RELOCATE" us into the numerous prison camps they have waiting for most of us:

Don't you think its time to seriously prepare for whats coming at us? Shouldn't you be focused laserlike on getting your health in order and on developing contingency plans to get yourself and your family out of harms way? Shouldn't you be working overtime to alert friends, family, and neighbors by urging them to watch END GAME and to join you in taking steps now to defend America while you still can?

Please help IAHF bring this mssg to others: I'll send a free pocket sized copy of the US Constitution to anyone who sends a donation:

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