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August 2015  IN THIS ISSUE:
1. Use Remarkable R's to be Remembered and Repeated!
The ‘R’ words discussed below are ones that great storytellers are conscious of and use in the planning and delivery of their stories.
  • Result
  • Relate
  • Rapport  
  • Re-live and Re-capture
  • Reveal a Resolution
  • Reflect and Realize
2.    HUMOUR WORKSHOPS coming up in September
       - held on 2 dates to accommodate all who have wish to attend                                          Thursday Sept 17, 7-9:30 pm
                               Saturday Sept 19, 9:30-noon
            Both will be held at 2119 Lakeshore Blvd West Etobicoke
                                (Lakeshore/ Parklawn area)
                                  Details will follow next week
Pick up simple tried-and-true tips for uncovering humour in speeches!!!
      Even if you are not a comedian, you can still make people laugh!
                                        YES YOU CAN!
Quotations of the month:
“In the end all we have are stories and methods of finding and using those stories.” Roger C. Shank, from ‘Tell Me A Story’
“When stories are nestled in the body, soul comes forth.” Deena Metzger
Remarkable R's to be Remembered and Repeated!
Whether you're delivering a work presentation or a toastmaster speech, by using these Remarkable R’s in the planning of the content and delivery, you will engage your audience both intellectually and emotionally, your message will be remembered and repeated, and your audience will be moved to action.
  • RESULT or intended end in mind …start here! In the planning stage of your presentation, ask yourself: What do I want my audience to think, feel, say or do differently AFTER I finish speaking?’ Be clear and concise with this take-away message, and build your talk on that exact, concise, solid foundation.
  • RELATE …to your audience! It’s about them the audience, not you the speaker! Storytelling creates an excellent, natural, conversational way of RELATING to your audience. Let your story lead to theirs with a 'you-focus'. Tap into their minds at the start with a you-focused question or you-focused statement; touch base with them in the middle and finally provide themwith  a hopeful, encouraging take away message. 
 ie “When was the last time you.…?” or “It may interest you to know...” or “You have everything within you to…” or  “Do you realize that when you...then you will be rewarded with...'
Asking these rhetorical questions gives them time to REFLECT (to connect, they must reflect!)
A well-crafted story that RELATES to the audience’s emotions and needs, establishes your credibility instantly, captures the audience’s attention and deepens your rapport with them.   
  • RAPPORT … build it quickly! You have only 45 seconds to have the audience like you and want to hear you. consquently, your opening is extremely important in order for them to want to ‘journey’ with you. Once you’ve established your likeability, some similarities to them, that it’s all about THEM, not you, and that they will benefit from listening to what you have to say about a process you've learned to better an aspect of your life, you create an emotional connection…rapport!
  • RE-LIVE and RE-CAPTURE the sights, sounds, and sensations! Instead of telling your entire story in narrative form, RE-LIVE and RE-CAPTURE scenes, just as you do with friends, by using characters, body language, and dialogue. Captivate your audience by drawing them right into the ‘movie’ of your story by viewing and hearing it.
“If you tell me, it’s an essay. If you show me, it’s a story.” Barbara Greene
“Don’t re-tell a story; re-live it!”  Lou Heckler, master storyteller
“Don’t say the old lady screamed- bring her on and let her scream.” Mark Twain
  •  REVEAL a RESOLUTION to an obstacle, issue, hard-ship that you or someone else were able to overcome because of a process or life lesson learned. We all have stories in which we learned a process enabling us to think, feel, say or act differently, in a more enlightened way…so share these processes with others!! They want to learn WHAT you have learned and HOW you learned it!! Place the PROCESS on a pedestal, not you!      
  • REALIZE  hope at the end; they need to realize that they too can use that same or a smilar process to achieve positive life change.
How about by creating and then updating your story and lesson files, then being aware of and incorporating these R tips into the planning of your stories so you will be
Until next month, successful speaking!  Wink
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