Winner of the 2009 Perugia Press Prize
for a first or second book of poetry by a woman


Life-affirming but without illusions, How To Live on Bread and Music, showcases poet Jennifer K. Sweeney’s mature consciousness and circumspect intelligence.  This collection, made up of poems that stand firmly on their own, takes us on a physical and spiritual trip, symbolized often in the recurring image of the train.  Exploring broad themes such as identity formation, nostalgia, and impermanence, the poet passes through risk to find refuge in the sensory world.  What is most remarkable is Sweeney’s ability to confide without burdening, her gift for arranging enough silence between words for us to locate the pulse of meaning.

Jennifer K. Sweeney lives in Kalamazoo,  Michigan.  Her first book, Salt Memory, was winner of the Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award in 2006. 
How To Live on Bread and Music is due to be released in September 2009.  To order this book or any other Perugia Press title, please visit our Web site.
SEMI-FINALISTS: Shannon Amidon, The Garden After; Emma Bolden, Malificae; Amy Benson Brown, The Book of Sarah; Peg Davis, Right Here, Under the Milky Way; Joanne Diaz, Violin; Rachel Contreni Flynn, Tongue; Elizabeth Frost, All of Us; Kate Lynn Hibbard, Sweet Weight; Vera Kroms, Why the Earth Shakes; Charlotte Pence, Last Night; Alexandra Teague, Mortal Geography; Melissa Tuckey, Rattle My Rattle; Leslie Williams, Verdure; Dede Wilson, Eliza; Abe Louise Young, Little Big Bang.

Perugia Press Prize:  A prize of $1000 and publication by Perugia Press is given annually for a first or second unpublished poetry collection by a woman.  Visit WWW.PERUGIAPRESS.COM for complete guidelines.