IAHF List: All of us are undergoing a massive airborne biological assault and must take adequate steps to protect ourselves and our families or we will be injured, and our lifespans shortened.
At the end of this article you will be able to learn all about the toxic side effects of lithium as well as how to protect yourself and your family! We are NOT POWERLESS to FIGHT BACK!
Police have been conducting unconstitutional roadblocks to take blood and DNA samples as we are all being turned into guinepigs (see youtube at end of this article.)
Please read this article "Chemtrails: Lithium Being Used in Airborne Spraying"  
In this we see a report from a whistleblower who worked for three years collecting water and soil samples as part of this experiment which took place in Oregon.
See these two excerpts from the whistleblowers letters in the article:

Excerpt from Locke’s first letter:

For example, I could have warned thousands of people of the ongoing (as of January 27th) spraying to manufacture air stagnation in the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys, as well as much of the Oregon Coast south of Florence. The artificially induced period of air stagnation is part of a larger experiment testing the efficacy of psychoactive chemical dispersal from high altitudes.

Currently, spraying is most intense along the coast itself and above inland valleys. The stagnant air currents in the region allow for more direct application of psychoactive agents to test populations. I have little formal contact with the chemistry department, but to my knowledge, Lithium is the primary substance being dispersed in the aforementioned experiment.

Given the psychoactive/social nature of the ongoing tests, my department is playing a secondary role collecting water and soil samples. The Sociological Research Division however, has operatives throughout the region gathering a massive amount of data regarding the test population’s behavioral traits, like consumer habits, political engagement levels, and awareness of geoengineering programs. I would urge you to inform your friends and peers of this fact, as avoiding observation by refusing to take surveys and engaging in similar actions that can disrupt this sordid research."

Excerpt from Locke’s second letter:

These dispersal plumes contain lithium and other psychoactive compounds. The areas targeted as of March 1st are inland valleys and coastal towns south of Florence. Over the next two months, additional spraying operations will be conducted to increase targeting areas in the Portland metropolitan area.”

In both letters, he explains that he is …"an employee of a weather data collection company and, by proxy, a subcontractor for the National Weather Service office in (central Oregon). In my work for the aforementioned institutions, I collected data, e.g. soil samples, that were used to direct spraying operations for the last three years.”

Note that – THREE YEARS.  While researching this article, the person writing it began receiving FB messages from Eugene, Portland and Vancouver,BC of cases of severe chest congestion, coughing, sinus pain, headaches, extreme muscle pain, lethagy. Reports were also coming in of crazy behavior and wild driving.

Now go here and listen to the phone conversation Sue Huelbig in North Carolina had with a Douglas E. Rowland at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center about their spraying Lithium.
This news article corroborates the truth that NASA did indeed launch two rockets that dispersed lithium into the upper atmosphere.
This youtube video examines this NASA Lithium assault further and at the 8:52 mark in it we see that in Alabama they conducted an armed road block where they sought "volunteers" to give blood and DNA samples for the Pacific Institute on behalf of the "National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration."
Here is another youtube which discusses these "DNA Roadblocks" which were conducted in 30 cities across the country ostensibly to evaluate what percentage of drivers have been drinking or "are on drugs". Note the interviewed attorney's legal assessment of the gross unconstitutionality of these searches.
We are NOT POWERLESS to PROTECT OURSELVES from this GENOCIDAL AIRBORNE BIOLOGICAL ASSAULT from Lithium, or any of the OTHER toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us including barium, strontium, cadmium, arsenic, cobalt or the toxic chemicals like ethylene dibromide, or even the weaponized parasites such as calembola and others that have been tweaked using nanotechnology that are causing Morgellons disease and which are turning us into non reproducing cyborgs!
See the numerous dangers of lithium toxicity here.
Sulfur will chemically combine with lithium forming lithium sulfate which is easily and safely excreted from the body!
I drink sulfur water twice a day and also use these additional detox supplements to protect myself as follows:
I bet most of you have a sticker inside your windshield from Jiffy Lube that tells you a mileage reading by which you should bring your car in for your next oil change.
If you don't, your engine oil gets dirtier and dirtier carrying in it metal fragments that chew up piston rings and can cause you to blow a head gasket or have other engine problems that could cause your car to break down, stranding you out on the highway.
But what about all the toxins your have been ingesting in the course of your life? Shouldn't you be just as concerned about what you are ingesting and storing in your bowel, liver/gallbladder, kidneys and blood and about flushing those toxins out as you are about maintaining your CAR?

Shouldn't you be ESPECIALLY concerned about this build up of toxins knowing they are robbing you of energy, setting you up for hospital bills, stealing years from your life and ruining the QUALITY of your life?

Shouldn't you be PARTICULARLY concerned about this build up of TOXINS knowing that in the final analysis there is really only ONE DISEASE: CELLULAR MALFUNCTION which is caused by the barrage of toxins in our environment coming from multiple sources: chemtrails, radiation from cell towers, radiation from wifi, radiation from GWEN towers, toxic prescription and OTC drugs, GMO foods, chemicals like Glyphosate from Roundup that is in numerous commonly eaten foods?

I used to barter sulfur to one of my wholesalers, a colon hydrotherapist for weekly sessions in which he'd irrigate my colon to flush the built up fecal matter out.
He has state of the art equipment and I thought I was getting a "great deal" until my girlfriend asked me how I could be sure I was getting my money's worth?

She wondered if herbalist Richard Schulze's Bowel detox protocol (which you can read about here) might work better and cost less! When I balked at trying it, she challenged me to respond to her question, and I had to admit that I DIDN'T really know unless I tried it.

Well I DID try it, and couldn't believe what came out of me! The program isn't hard to do. Along with reading the info above, you need this "Quick Start Guide" to do the food component of it. You will need to order "Bowel Formula #1", "Bowel Formula #2" and "Super Food Plus".
You will see a complete description of these products at the links above. They work synergistically to really help you purge yourself of deeply impaced fecal matter that has been putrifying in your colon for decades, acidifying your body, making you far more prone to every sort of degenerative disease, and robbing you of energy!
You owe it to yourself to do this bowel detox, every bit as much if not more than you need to do regular oil changes on your car!
I spent extra time on mine because I felt that I really needed to. I had never done a bowel detox before in my life, and what came out of me was astonishing!

What came out included residue not only from the chemtrails, but from toxic Rx drugs and OTC drugs I hadn't used in decades, along with residue from toxic boatbuilding chemicals I hadn't been exposed to in decades along with toxic food additives from processed foods I hadn't eaten in years!

I had to literally RUN from the bathroom while hitting the fan switch on my way out the door! What exited was the blackest, most foul smelling, most odiferous feces that have ever exited my body and I was DAMN GLAD to be rid of this TOXIC WASTE because my ENERGY LEVEL shot up by 70%! I went from needing 8-10 hours of sleep per night to only needing 3-4!

The extra energy I got from it encouraged me to go on to do Dr.Schulze's OTHER cleanses, so I went on to ALSO detox my liver/gallbladder, kidneys, and blood (by doing a SECOND bowel cleanse since everything from the liver/gallbladder, and kidney detox went into my bowel which is the "sewer" of the body, so I went on to clean it again!

I did this entire series of cleanses two summers ago, but since then I do one quarter of it every change of seasons to keep "tuned up."

All of the extra energy I got from doing Dr. Schulze's detoxes I put back into expanding Sulfur for Health beyond Sulfur because I realized I now needed to also call all of this other stuff to your attention!
We're also into cold season. I encourage you to also consider getting some Echinacea Plus, which ramps up killer T cell activity and macrophage activity for fighting pathogens. This also helps to kill weaponized parasites that are being sprayed on us!
96% of people in North America are iodine deficient. This is a leading cause of metabolic syndrome which can cause obesity and type 2 diabetes. Iodine deficiency causes your thyroid gland to be underactive which causes chronic fatigue and lethargy.
I prefer using Magnascent iodine to other forms because it is not so dose specific, its the safest form to use because you just piss out any your body can't assimilate. It also helps to reduce inflammation if you have trouble with your sinuses due to allergies.
The University of Montana's "Missoulian" newspaper has published this article titled "Nation Ignoring Dangers of Chemtrails" 

I have posted numerous comments at the end, and encourage you to join me in waking more people up by posting your own comments!
Please tell more people about your own efforts to detoxify yourself via sulfur and these other detox supplements! See my replies to the numerous paid shills and other idiots and please join me in waking up more people!
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We need badly need this film completed to monkeywrench the UN climate change treaty that the UN/Vatican plan on shoving down our throats under false pretenses just before Christmas! The Treaty would cause massively increased chemtrailing!
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