Dear surfers of the universal Network,
for all you English speaking heart-friends we have great news: we can offer you 3 new Spiritual Journeys in Mexico, to Aztlan in july (the origin of Mexico and a vibrating area for star brothers), to Olman in november and to the Mayas in dic 2014/January 2015. More information you find in our new section here.
During our Europe Spring Tour from February to April 2014 we will celebrate Spring Equinox on Mount Odilia near Strassbourg, my favourite power place with thousands of years of history, a mountain who has taught me a lot, maybe pushed me slightly over to Mexico... See the calendar here (Zurich Lebenskraft congress/fair end of Feb 2014 etc.).
Another great news is my book LATTICE SURFING  coming out February 10 in all German bookstores, at "Neue Erde"-Verlag. We are in communication with several English editors to soon publish the book in English too!
It will be a pleasure to know you in person, with a big bow, Pascal K'in
Foto: Pascal K'in in the Olmec city La Venta,
where you can find the oldest pyramid of Mesoamerica...
EQUINOX ceremony 19-21 march
Spiritual Journey Mont St. Odile, Strasbourg, France
Exclusive Spiritual Journey Mont St. Odile, Strasbourg, France
2 days in March 2014 (work in the monastery and the woods, Maennelstein, Druidenstein etc.)    12-Maya-Galactic-Doorways Initiation. 
Donation: Sfr. 333.00 (PayPal, grant possible)
1 Night in the genious Monastery-Hotel, please organize yourself. Fotos.
Begining 1st day 11am, End 2nd day 6pm. Everyone comes alone (train to Obernai). Inscription: please write an E-mail and tell me about your spiritual experience (it will be "advanced" work).
I do not know any other place in Europe where the veil is so thin! I look forward to see you again... 

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Spring Tour Feb-April 2014 in Europe
Spiritual Journeys:   new! 
17.-20.7.14 The Origin of Mexico - Aztlan and the 7 Luminaries
21.11.-6.12.14 The Medicine-Path to the Mother Goddess - wholy places of the Olmecs (ceremony with Grandmother Julieta of the famous indigenous council of Grandmothers) only 13 seats - reserve already today!
(26.)30.12.14-4.1.15 Journey into the Galactic Maya-Conciousness (Don Lauro, ceremonies, Palenque...)
Online Sessions
"Distance does not matter"!
Regressions, Master contacts, Maya-Healing.
We work using Skype Video-Conferencing.
Or book your date on the Spring European Tour!
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Jitka from Prague about her experience on the Galactic Maya Trip 2012... wow...
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