Dear friends,

In anticipation of our broadcast premiere on the PBS series, Global Voices, this Sunday evening, July 27th at 10p ET/7p PT on the WORLD Channel, I wanted to express my love and gratitude to the hundreds of individuals - cast, crew, advisors, financial supporters, organizations, film festivals and friends - who not only helped in the creation of "My So-Called Enemy," but are ensuring that our film continues to open hearts and minds and to get seen by the diverse audiences it deserves.

This newsletter includes: 
  • Additional airdates and how to find our show on the WORLD Channel. 
  • Information about the 29-day free streaming window of "My So-Called Enemy," now available to both U.S. and international audiences.
  • An invitation to join us for a special interactive online screening on Tuesday, July 29th at 1p ET/10a PT, also open to viewers throughout the world at 7p Central European Time. 
  • How to hear Rawan and Gal on Public Radio International's "The World.

I always say in screenings that "My So-Called Enemy" is a "first step film" about conflict resolution and peacemaking - and about the possibility and hope that come from listening to each other's stories. As people around the globe are digging in and taking sides with their strong feelings about the conflict, "My So-Called Enemy" is a reminder of the shared humanity of the Palestinians and Israelis who are suffering as a consequence. To quote one of our major donors, our broadcast "comes at a time when the world desperately needs it." May we amplify the courageous voices of those reaching across the divide even now, when the situation seems intractable.

Rawan in 2005
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Tune into our broadcasts or enjoy a 29-day free streaming window
Our first WORLD Channel broadcast is on Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 10p ET/7p PT. The next airdates are: Monday, July 28th at 2a ET/11p PT and 10a ET/7a PT and Tuesday, July 29th at 6:30p ET/3:30p PT.

If you miss our broadcasts, your cable television provider doesn't carry the WORLD Channel, or you live outside the United States, you can still watch “My So-Called Enemy” from July 28th through August 25th, 2014, for free, here!
All the information you need to find our show on the WORLD Channel, about our 29-day stream and about our online interactive event is now on our website. (WORLD is normally a secondary channel of a local PBS station and available in about 70% of U.S. households.)

Join us for an OVEE "live social screening event" on Tuesday, July 29th at 1p ET/10a PT and 7p Central European Time
We are honored that ITVS and The WORLD Channel have selected our film for an OVEE screening, an online texting "chat" that people can participate in, from around the globe, asking questions and sharing comments as "My So-Called Enemy" is streaming. The session will be moderated by Sharon Wong, the Editorial Coordinator & Social Media Manager at the WORLD Channel.

I will be joined by Gal, whom most of you know from the movie, as well as Joshua N. Weiss, Ph.D., the co-founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University and a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Negotiation Project. Dr. Weiss has worked in the Middle East for over a decade and has, over the past few years, trained emerging Israeli and Palestinian leaders in negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

To join, sign up here: You will only need five minutes to create an account on OVEE, which you can do anytime before the event.

Rawan and Gal on PRI's "The World"
We are thrilled that Rawan and Gal are expected to be interviewed on "The World" on Wednesday, July 30th. Click
here a day or two later to listen.
In closing
Last week's newsletter, which you can find on our website, included a special message from Rawan and Gal, my thoughts about the violence and loss of innocent lives in the region, and ways that you can stay informed and get involved by supporting organizations advocating for peace, continuing dialogue, a just two-state solution and an end to the occupation. It was sent to you by Gary Anello. Gary has been working with me on our newsletters for more than three years now and has become a dear friend and an invaluable collaborator in the process.
Rawan (Palestinian, Muslim) and Gal (Israeli, Jewish)
in New York City in 2013
I look forward to staying connected with you as "My So-Called Enemy" finds its way further into the world.
Warmest regards,

"MY SO-CALLED ENEMY" a good egg production
director/producer Lisa Gossels producer Eden Wurmfeld
director of photography Justin Schein edited by Lisa Gossels
David Mehlman Toby Shimin music by Nathan Larson

2010 Hamptons International Film Festival
Winner, Jury Prize for Best Conflict & Resolution Film
2010 Starz Denver Film Festival
Winner, Special Jury Prize in Filmmaking
2010 Boston Jewish Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award, Best Feature Documentary Film
2011 Newport Beach Film Festival
Winner, Jury Award, Best Feature Documentary Film
Winner, MacGillivray Freeman Films Award for Excellence in Documentary Filmmaking (feature)
2011 CINE Golden Eagle
Winner, CINE Golden Eagle, Documentary Feature