Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am   
Summer 2015
 The Minyan Monthly
From the Rosh
As we continue to enjoy a series of enhanced kiddushim, I’d like to thank our many sponsors that make this possible, and remind everyone of our kiddush procedures. For the past few years we’ve been able to co-sponsor one enhanced kiddush per month. At the request of several members, we’ve recently implemented a policy where a member can contribute on any week and have a particular item added to the menu.
Please review the updated kiddush information on our web page, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.
— Carl Sunshine
Upcoming Events
June 6:  High school grad shabbat
June 14: Annual TBA dinner, honoring Sheryl Goldman
              and Lou Colen (z”l)
June 20: Fredi & Joel Rembaum 50th anniversary shabbat

The Torah Club
At various times this year, you may have walked into Library Minyan and noticed that young people were chanting from the Torah. These kids were likely from Torah Club. Begun in the fall of 2012 with just 18 members, Torah Club has quickly grown to count over fifty 6th – 11th graders (and one 5th grader) among its members. During our eight-month season, Torah Club members read Torah and haftarah, and led davening dozens of times across all three of the temple’s minyanim.
Now with over 50 members, Torah Club not only reinforces the Torah-reading skills learned in school and during bar and bat mitzvah training, but also provides the kids with a sense of responsibility and pride as they serve their community. Torah Club keeps the kids engaged by making Torah reading an activity they share with their peers. It also creates a supportive environment through its mentors, who provide one-on-one support every time a member is assigned an aliyah to chant.
Open to all kids in 6th grade and up who have already received some training in trope, Torah Club is one way for young people to continue on the path of Jewish learning and hone their leyning skills. The Torah Club season recently culminated on May 23, when Torah Club members led virtually every aspect of the service in Library Minyan, in addition to doing the Torah and haftarah reading. 
At the end of each season, each member receives a gift, depending on the number of years spent in Torah Club. This year, In recognition of 14 of the founding members who have participated since Torah Club began, a beautiful print of a yad on a Torah scroll taken by temple member and professional photographer Shlomit Levy Bard now hangs outside the chapel. Next to it is a plaque with the 3rd year members’ names, with room for more names to follow. Made possible by the generosity of Jill and Matthew Lefferman, this print serves as a reminder to everyone who walks through the hallway how much the temple values the Torah-reading skills of its young people.
Torah Club Members, 2014/2015
Naomi Akram, Jonathan Artal, Shayna Becker, Jamie Berman, Avi Bernat-Kunin, Mira Berenbaum, Judah Braman, Yaacov Broidy, Josh Cohn, Daphna Eisen, Aaron Feldman, Jordan Feldman, Lucy Fried, Hannah Friedman, Sophia Goldberg, Ayelet Goldman, Sammy Goldman, Jeremy Greenstein, Rivka Grob, Avram Hacker, Nina Havivi, Talya Havivi, Danit Hetsroni, Sam Hirschhorn, Zack Hirschhorn, Leor Kaminski, Noa Kligfeld, Hannah Lande, Noah Lee, Toby Lee, Maia Lefferman, Jake Maman, Rachel Metzger, Aviva Miller, Moriah Pretsky, Sarah Pretsky, Liv Reinis, Josh Richland, Joseph Rosenbaum, Natan Rosenbaum, David Schimmel, Daniel Schrager, Adinah Singer-Frankes, Sara Stolzenberg-Myers, Adam Taryle, Maddy Tessel, Adam Tizabi, Jonah Tochner, Maya Tochner, Sam Vogel, Mikayla Weissberg, and Adam Weissman.
For further information about membership in or support of Torah Club, please write to:
— Nina Golden
Minyan Monthly Summer Break
Most respondents to the recent Library Minyan Survey said that they read the MM sometime after it arrives in their inbox and that they regard the amount of LM communication flowing to them as just about right. That's good news for the Steering Committee and for yours truly, who puts together the MM. Please remember that we remain open to submissions from you as well as suggestions for improvement.
Like many of you, the Minyan Monthly will be taking a summer break after this issue. Publication will resume at the end of August, just in time for the High Holy Days of 5776.
— Susan Laemmle
High Holy Day Preview
We are pleased and honored that the following individuals have agreed to coordinate the Minyan's High Holiday Services for 2015/5776: Mayer Brenner, Sandra Lepson, Jennifer Low and Aron Wolf.
Anyone who is interested in participating or who has particular thoughts on the Yamim Noraim should contact a member of the committee or Bob Braun, Ritual Committee Chair.
The Minyan relies on the participation of the community in all its services. This is particularly so for the High Holidays — where there are many opportunities to contribute, ranging from leading services to coordinating ark openings, readings, divrei Torah and other components — and we hope to hear from you.
As a reminder, no individual has a hazakah on any part of High Holiday services, and we look forward to new faces (and voices!) this year.
— Bob Braun
DPL News
The annual Second Day of Shavuot Picnic in La Cienega Park was a success once again. We want to extend thanks to the event chairs, Julie Weissman and Janet Weissman. There were more than 40 adults and children. We all sat on and around blankets, chairs & tables, enjoying lunch as well as dessert provided by some families.
The children played soccer, ran around, used hula-hoops, and blew bubbles — and don’t forget the popsicles they received.
The adults had a great time making new friends, eating and listening to a wonderful drash by Rabbi Ilana Greenblat. This event included two birthdays: Rabbi Adam Kligfeld and Mira Berenbaum. We wish them a happy birthday and many more.
Thanks to Eric Weissman and David Weissman for helping with sports activities for the children, and Susan Laemmle & John Antignas for providing benchers. Until next Shavuot's picnic, we wish everyone a relaxing, adventurous and fun summer.
— Dafna Taryle & Rebecca Freidman
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
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