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8th June 2009

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and the Wearing a Moustache while Knitting in Public

Knit Crawl Itinerary ... Three fabulous moustache patterns ... Knit Crawl Map ... New Stitchette

Bristling moustached charity greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, and revving your public knitting engines for the event of the year, the Stitch and Bitch London 2009 Tashtastic Knit Crawl. Woo hoo! We also have a brand new shiny Stitchette too! Yay!

This year we are doing it for the men out there. The 2009 Tashtastic Knit Crawl is in aid of the Prostate Cancer Charity and we’re doing it in proper moustachioed style. You can: 

·        Win knitting goodies on the day

·        Donate to buy our three fabulous moustache patterns

·        Spend all day long knitting at four marvellous London venues

·        Get free stuff (everyone loves free stuff)

·        Help raise money for the Prostate Cancer Charity

·        Don a knitted moustache in public without fear

For full Knit Crawl details read all about it below.

Join us on the day. It’s free. It’s fabulous. It’s for a good cause.

We are also all kinds of thrilled to introduce you to Marion ‘Bluestocking Stitcher’ Crick. Our shiny new Stitchette. Read all about her below too.


EV saw us fighting for the last remains of tasty mezze as the summer breeze wafted across the frog orchestra and straw chickens. Many newbies turned up to stitch in EV’s cave of wonders and knitted moustaches were proudly modelled by their creators.

At the Royal Festival Hall meeting we admired the squashy floral loveliness of the plastacine garden and sampled much of the cafes cake selection.

Stitch and Utterly Kingly

Details of the next meeting:

This week we are drawn to the lovely independent and retro shops to sit in the downstairs courtyard at Kingly Court.  Try to resist the  buttons, ribbons and accessories upstairs at one of our favourite places, All The Fun of The Fair – can you hear them calling to you now? Sacred Café are providing the seating as well as a selection of Panini’s and cakes for you to buy.

From 6pm

Venue: The downstairs courtyard
Kingly Court (off Carnaby Street)


Map Website Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus

Stitch and Sunshine

Details of the meeting after that:

We will be sitting on the grass and offering cake to the sun gods at St. James' Park this week. There's always the lovely cafe to shelter in, just in case the sun gods are on a diet...

From 6pm
St. James’ Park. On the grass by the café called ‘Inn the Park’ (or inside if it’s raining)
020 7451 9999

Map Website Nearest Tube: St James’ Park, Charing Cross, Westminster

Stitch and Details coming soon 

Details of the meeting after that:

This week we will be meeting as part of the Camberwell Arts Festival.


Time: From 6pm

Venue: TBC

We are still working on a venue for you, so please check the next newsletter for full details.

Stitch and Moustache Yourself for a Good Cause

Who in the world does not admire a fine bristling bit of face fur? The moustache has been wooing women (and men), winning hearts, and being twirled in a dastardly manner since the dawn of time. We know you’d love your very own moustache but who has time time (or the hormones) to grow one in today’s busy climate?

Fear not that is where Stitch and Bitch London’s fine Tashtastic Knit and Crochet Moustaches come in. Hurrah for the tash!

How you can help raise money:
– Buy the patterns
– We’ll be selling moustaches to passers by on the big day. Stitch some up for us to sell and bring them along.
– We’ll be raffling off goodies on the Knit Crawl. Buy a ticket and cross your fingers.

For a small or large donation you can download these three fine face fur patterns and start getting your tash on right away.

All you need to do is donate to the Prostate Cancer Charity and the moustache patterns are yours. Any sum will do (we recommend a minimum of £2).

CLICK HERE to go to our Prostate Cancer Charity page to donate.

to go to our pattern page and download the three fabulous face fur pattern.

Huge thanks to:
Banyan Tree Yarns
(the UK home of Lion Brand’s wonderful wool)
(amazing stuff for washing your handknits without the horror)
Debonnaire Yarns
(artistic yarns and all kinds of woolly goodness)
Megan Death for her Finger Tash Pattern (you can find it on Ravelry and tell her how fab you think it is too) 

Stitch and Tashtastic Knit Crawl 2009

Worldwide Knit in Public Day: In 2007 we Knit Crawled for Cancer Research, in 2008 we Knit Crawled for Breast Cancer Care, this year Worldwide Knit in Public Day looms once more. The Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl 2009 has a far manlier theme…

The Stitch and Bitch London Tashtastic Knit Crawl 2009 will take to the streets of lovely London Town on Saturday the 13th of June.

We’ll stomp our way across four iconic London sights:

·        Tower Bridge: get down with the ravens and explain to tourists they’re not at London Bridge

·        Tate Modern: knit it up all arty-like in the gargantuan turbine hall where passers-by will assume you are an art installation

·        London Eye: get your stitch on in Jubilee Gardens under the gaze of the all-seeing London Eye

·        Trafalgar Square: a Knit Crawl traditional. Say hi to the Lions and furiously blend in with whatever festival happens to be taking place there, while knitting like you mean it 

This year we’re doing it bloke-flavoured, raising money for the Prostate Cancer Charity in a tashtastic manner. We’ll be knitting (and possibly wearing, for those with no shame) moustaches for that manly feel.

CLICK HERE for our S&B London Tashtastic Knit Crawl Moustache Patterns.

We’ll also be offering some knit-flavoured raffle prizes, free gifts, and the chance to wear a knitted moustache in public (optional).

Knit 1: Tower Bridge
Noon to 1pm
The Scoop outside City Hall
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk

Knit 2: Tate Modern
1.30 to 2.30pm
Tate Modern
Turbine Hall

Knit 3: London Eye
3.15 to 4.15pm
Jubilee Gardens
In front of London Eye on the grass
Queen’s Walk

Knit 4: Trafalgar Square
4.30 to 5.30pm
Trafalgar Square

Knit Crawlers Wine, Beer and Cake: Walkers of Whitehall

5.30pm till we can drink no more

Walkers of Whitehall
15 Craig’s Court



Join us for the whole thing, join us for a small part, just make sure you get your knits out on the town for a good cause. 


Stitch and Bluestocking Stitcher

The Stitchettes are all kinds of thrilled to introduce to you our newest Stitchette. Marion “Bluestocking Stitcher” Crick brings her bags of woolly wisdom from North London.

You may have seen her at S&B London meetings stitching up something fabulously retro and carefully measuring out eerily accurate shares in bottles of wine.

She also helps to run Stitch and Book as a Bookette too. Multi-talented. Just don’t get her started about chick lit.

A warm woolly welcome to the tangled world of being a Stitchette, Marion. We salute you.

That’s all the news we can squeeze out of the world of the knit for you this week. (Apart form a quick shout for Race for Life who are looking for people to join their Crystal Palace run on 14th June.)

We hope to see you on the Knit Crawl this weekend. If the sun doesn’t shine then bring wet weather gear. No piddly rain showers are going to stop us taking out stitches into the city.

Knit those moustaches and make sure you bring your suncream, water, and a hat.

May the Stitch be with you, lovely Londoners

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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