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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
27 - 29 March 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria
Today we present the ElectriQube – an effective solution used in the production and consumption of energy that will be promoted at the Exhibition for Energy Efficiency and RE. Devision is a company focused on creating unique and innovative solutions that primarily deliver results. For the second consecutive year the company will present ElectriQube - a system for predicting, balancing and managing non-balances, manufacturing schedules and reports in the production and consumption of electric power. The product is used by many manufacturers and traders of electricity - HPP, TPP, RES and natural gas.
Do not forget - today November 15 is the last day for application discounts for participation!
Contact: Maya Kristeva, email:, tel. 00359/32512900
Interview with Mr. Peter Nelkov, Manager of Devision
Mr. Nelkov, what's new in the ElectriQube System?

Over the past year, we have been able to achieve our goals: to make several new versions of familiar products, and to increase the number of customers using the platform. Our team has increased. The newest in the billing system is the client portal and the built-in link to the customs agency.
What are its advantages over similar products on the market?

The platform provides an opportunity to predict consumption or production, based on historical data, as well as real-time monitoring. I also believe that the advantage is the price-quality ratio.
Apart from manufacturers and retailers of electricity, industrial plants are potential user of the product. What would be their benefits?
Over the past year, we have been able to apply the monitoring system in several manufacturing plant... Read the rest here.
BGBIOM is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. It promotes renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, plant residues and animal manure as energy sources for sustainable society.
European Energy Innovation is the communication platform designed with one purpose in mind: to put energy and transport stakeholders in touch with each other.
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