Laser Training Center
Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
April 2014 2nd edition.

In this issue:
Re: Newsletter from earlier today.

For all our concerned readers who could not tell if our newsletter was an April fools joke  or a serious  matter.
We thank you all for your comments, words of advise, and sharing of feelings.
I could not have imagined such flow of reactions. I am very happy and proud that the newsletter has helped bring to the table some issues that need to be attended if we want the Laser class to continue and grow in a healthy manner.
Unfortunately my description of what can happen if the key players will not cooperate seemed a bit too realistic to some.
I have to apologize to anyone who was hurt or upset by anything that was written, you know me long enough to be assured this was not the intention.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Tracy Usher, Eric Faust, Jeff Martin and Sherri Campbell (to name a few) for the huge efforts they are making to keep the class  moving positively forward in spite of the challenges they face dealing with the effects of the on-going legal battle between the Laser commercial parties. 
The Laser still features the largest fleets in any sailing event, and the above mentioned people and others are the ones who are responsible for this success.
Now about Cabarete being one of the best places in the world to sail the Laser while enjoying a Caribbean vacation.... this is totally real. Our boats are in perfect racing condition, and if you are planning a summer sailing vacation, I hope that you will consider the Laser Training Center.
All the best, and thanks again for your e mails and support.
DOM 187994


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