Richard Herring Newsletter
October 2017
Emergency Questions - ON YOUR PHONE
Depending on the phone.
I have moved into my new house, have a rambunctious new puppy and my wife is days away from giving birth. I am more stressed than I have ever been in my life and fully expect to die in October.
But if I survive, here's all that's happening.
Do you have an Apple based device? Then you're in luck. Rather than carrying a small book around with you, you can now get Emergency Questions on your phone by downloading our new app.
You then have the option to buy packs of questions (and more will be added) including everything in the first Emergency Questions book, 102 dating questions and 100 questions for kids (and you can hide the other packs to ensure you don't randomly ask them about auto-fellatio).
And people who foolishly think that Apple products are overpriced and useless, don't worry. We've got a nerd working on an Android version. Please make your own joke about me having sex with an android.
Amazingly we hit our £50,000 target in just over seven days. And then in the following two and a half weeks we've raised anothe £6000. But there are still a few hours to donate if you want the Xmas Emergency Questions books delivered to you by Christmas (guaranteed).
OH FR•G, I'm 50
There are a few tour dates coming up this autumn (and we're just confirming the Spring schedule now)
19th November Bristol Old Vic
I am also doing a stand up set as part of a mixed bill at Laughterhouse in Liverpool on 27th October.
We're recording series 12 on Mondays from 16th October to 27th November. Please come and see us live if you can. You can book your tickets here.
Here are the confirmed guests, but there are some pretty exciting unconfirmed ones too, so it's worth taking a punt (plus the chance of a chat with one of my main nemeses). There will be two guests at all recordings.

October 16th Ellie Taylor
October 23rd Armando Iannucci
October 30th Jan Ravens
November 6th TBA
November 13th Reg D Hunter
November 20th Richard Osman
November 27th TBA
Series 11 is still going out. Released every Wednesday on video and audio.
 Arthur Smith went up this week and next week it's Robert Webb (with Ed Byrne and Sarah Pascoe to come)
You can watch it on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
My Radio 4 series is now finished (on a cliffhanger) and people seem to like it. It's turned out better than I could have hoped. You can listen to all four episodes here.
I think there's a good chance we will be asked to do more. Hope so. It was a blast working with this cast.
Five episodes of AIOTM are now up on my Youtube channel with the final part out on Monday. Hope you have enjoyed it. I can't believe how much we managed to get done for the money and not all of it is terrible and embarrassing
All six long episodes are already up on the secret AIOTM channel and the monthly badger channel (you can get in on this, either buy a monthly badge or  pay £15 here - you get more stuff with the series pass.
Emergency Questions Book
If you haven't yet bought the original Emergency Questions book then get it at
There is now the option to buy signed copies, a limited edition run with an individual hand-drawn  shrek in them plus you can get a book dedicated to you, or the person of your choice or ask me to write in a new question just for you.
Pointless Celebrities
They are finally showing my third appearance on the show (teamed up with my wife Catie) on 14th October on BBC1 at teatime. Will I finally win? There's only one way to find out. Use basic common sense.
Remember if you become a monthly badger then you will help us pay for the podcast and you'll get a badge, access to the backstage interviews, a secret email and entry to every monthly draw, with some amazing prizes.
Everything Happens For No Reason
The second script is now with the executives who will decide if we get to make these. Fingers crossed.
If you want to move over to this renewable energy company, who don't tie you into a contract and are probably cheaper than your current provider, plus get a £50 credit for both you and me. Then sign up using this link. I have found them to be very good.
  This is a picture of my dog Wolfie. My daughter is hiding somewhere in the photo. Can you spot her?
I hope the next few weeks will be less stressful for you than they will be for me. They're just adding responsibilities on to me like I am some kind of Buckaroo. Looking forward to the new addition, Booz Herring.