Hi everyone,

If you're reading this email, it's because you are subscribed to our email list, which currently stands at 505 active addresses! While the mailing list helps keep everyone up-to-date, its only part of the reason we are able to provide such a great time at the Harp every Sunday.

Please consider becoming a full member of the Bills Backers of Boston by paying the annual membership dues of $10.

Your dues help defray the cost of the flags and banners that decorate the bar, as well as setup costs for the t-shirts and other merchandise. They help to pay for this mailing list service, and to purchase some of the prizes for Charity Day. We have several members-only raffles and contests during the year, and dues-paying members get discounts on Bills Backers of Boston t-shirts and other merchandise. Finally, any money left over at the end of the year (minus a small reserve for the following year's preparation) gets added to the annual charity donation.

Now to be sure, we don't require dues to watch the games, and we don't require dues to eat from the free game-day buffet. But without the support of our members, we would not be able to provide the exciting game-day atmosphere that makes Sundays in the fall so much fun.

To pay your dues, you can send us a check or use PayPal, the internet payment service. Checks can be made payable to Bills Backers of Boston, and sent to 8 Robert Street, Wakefield MA 01880. To pay with PayPal, use the button at our website, http://www.bostonbillsbackers.com/pay_pal.html.

Thank you for your support... and Go Bills!

Jeff, George and Alison
Bills Backers of Boston Executive Committee