Hello All
Sorry to be back in touch so soon, but wanted you to know about our amazing new Trump card based Kickstarter to raise funds for filming the RHLSTP tour. If you like the videos or just fancy some cool and mainly exclusive rewards (which if past kickstarters are anything to go by should keep their value or increase) then join in. And if you want your name in the credits then that level is selling fast, so be quick.
I know many of you have been very generous in the past and I am certainly not expecting you to get invovled with every campaign, but there's enough listeners that if you all dip in occasionally we can keep this going without anyone having to break the bank
Richard Herring
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There's loads of rewards to get involved with including a beatuifully designed Trump card game, either a regular set or an exlusive gold edition in a fancy case with a speical Richard Herring card (and a very few of these will be signed and numbered). Plus up to 32 badges, sticker sheets and T shirts.
My 31 favourite guests and me

You can see if your favourite guests match up with mine. Plus pit them against each other and find out whcih of them is the Shreksiest.
And there's 32 badges - you will get the shrek and me if you bid enough, plus some other random badges depending on how much you pay. And you can get a rare full set by becoming an executive producer.

If you prefer to GET money whilst donating then why not join Bulb. You'll get £50 credit if you use my code and so will we. And we'll be putting all the money raised this end into the pot to film the tour

Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit and my £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Yay!
Use this link for this incredible offer
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