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Cara Black - Tuesday, March 12
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Murder Below MontparnasseCARA BLACK
Murder Below Montparnasse
Tuesday, March 12 at 7 PM

Tantalizing. - Publishers Weekly

We are happy to welcome back bestselling author Cara Black, who will read from her latest Aimee Leduc adventure, Murder Below Montparnasse.

To celebrate the release of Cara's 13th book in the Leduc series, Soho Press is offering an opportunity for you to Win a Killer Trip to Paris! Who better to guide you through the City of Lights, but Paris's most fashionable private investigator? What if you could wander down the same dark alleys that Leduc does in Murder Below Montparnasse, and follow Cara to the cafés, thrift stores and art museums featured in her world famous books!

Purchase the Deluxe Parisian Edition of Murder Below Montparnasse, which contains a special entry form.

Come to this event and receive an additional entry form from Cara!

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