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As we enter the new year of 2010, I find myself reflecting on where we've been on this journey to defend health freedom, and on what may be coming down the road as we square off against the world ruling elite and their population control/societal control agenda.
Last week I had a call from someone who had just learned about the UN Codex agenda to block consumer access to dietary supplements for the first time. I had a long conversation with this person in an effort to bring her up to speed on this issue and related issues in which I did my best to try to show her the interconnection and to get her thinking.
All of us must do this with anyone who is awake enough to be educated, and if enough of us can do this, there are plenty of things we CAN do to monkeywrench the New World Order's plans.
The elite are constantly probing us, playing a game of cat and mouse. With their control of the mainstream media, they're trying to play us like a pinball machine and really jerk our strings. Far too many people in our midst have been brainwashed by them and its up to us to try to reach these people with the truth so they don't keep walking like sheep to the cliff. 
They'll hide lots of things in plain site to try to gauge how many of us are paying attention, and depending on how many are, they do or don't elect to keep pressing forward with their world control agenda.
Today someone called my attention to a few things I'd like to forward to you in the hope that you'll forward them further. We CAN bypass the mainstream media if enough of us work together to do it.
The elite have some big plans for us for 2010. The next G-8 Summit will be held in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada from June 25- 27 2010 http://www.g7.utoronto.ca/evaluations/2010muskoka/2010prospects090702.html
There the ruling elite will attempt to advance their agenda for world government on many fronts including the Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America (the main vehicle by which they're trying to destroy Canada, the US and Mexico in order to usher in a North American Union dictatorship patterned after the collectivist EUSSR.
They'll also be trying to pick up the pieces and move on in the aftermath of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.
We can continue to oppose and block this phony "Global warming" agenda by massively forwarding this excellent expose by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, and I hope you'll watch it in its entirety. When the slider goes all the way over to the right, keep watching, because it goes back to the beginning and the film continues on several times:
Take note of what is being exposed here: Ventura traces things very far past Global warming frontman Al Gore by following the money. Not surprisingly, it leads us to Maurice Strong, former UN employee who is the agent of the Rothschild banking family. Not surprisingly, Strong has been tracked to Beijing China where he is advising the Chinese government on how to keep their heavily polluting industries going by buying "carbon credits" from lesser polluting companies.
Not surprisingly, Ventura discovers that the Rothschilds are trying to use the "Climate Change" issue as their main vehicle for ushering in a Global Totalitarian State. He and his crew interview several imminent climatologist whistleblowers, one of which is in hiding in a very remote location due to death threats.
All over the world governments are attempting to foist off legislation such as Cap and Trade which furthers this corrupt agenda. Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said pushing this legislation will be a big priority in the current congress. See http://www.freedomworks.org/publications/top-10-reasons-to-oppose-cap-and-trade to learn why it must be opposed. The damage its policies would do to the economy would put the finishing touches on  the planned destruction of nations world wide, radically accelerating the move to world government. Also see http://www.downsizedc.org/etp/campaigns/93
Remember, the elite are always probing us, always planning things to see how many of us are paying attention. They often try to hide things in plain site out of sheer arrogance.
This You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sa6_wBgxtw raises important questions that all of us world wide (especially Canadians) need to ponder involving the timing on Harper's peroguing (shutting down) the Canadian government until after the Olympics... 

Could Harper be anticipating a False Flag event planned for the 2010 Olympics where some martial law conditions will already exist with limitations on free speech, huge numbers of RCMP and Military Troops for "security" and where Verint, the same (Mossad connected) company that provided "security" during the 7/7 London bombings is providing "security" at Vancouver Airport?

The people who made this You Tube are asking some very good questions, and this information should be rapidly forwarded throughout Canada with everyone telling their MPs that if an attack occurrs in Vancouver during the Olympics leading to martial law, no one will believe anything put into the media about it:

False Flag Attack at Olympics?

The same security company that was working in London UK when the 7/7 bombings occurred there has been hired to provide security for Vancouver Airport during the 2010 Olympics.

This company,
Verint, formerly known as Comverse Info Systems , is an Israeli company with Mossad ties:
http://www.cmvt.com/aboutCTI.asp?top=1&id=2 http://verint.com/corporate/releases_view.cfm?article_level1_category_id=7&article_level1_id=245&pageno=1&year=2002
If this goes viral, if enough people forward it and call their MPs and the Media, if anything IS planned, the ruling elite will realize they've lost the element of surprise, and they might then call it off.

Along with helping to bypass the mainstream media to get the truth on these issues out to more people so they can take action to protect themselves, I recommend everyone on the IAHF list do everything possible to learn about growing your own food.
I've got organic gardens, am raising chickens, have a greenhouse, and am growing fruit trees. More people need to band together, even in cities to do community gardening. A group of us where I live are doing this here in addition to having backyard gardens.
We have an abundance of evidence of the direction the world ruling elite are trying to push things. They're already using food as a weapon, and they're intentionally collapsing the economy to better control us all.
We're seeing a proliferation of Tent Cities as more and more people lose their homes and jobs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnVTqJjV5Uc
Does it make sense with economic conditions this bad and getting worse for anyone in Congress to vote for amnesty for illegal aliens? Those who do, and those who push for Obama"care" are contributing to the planned demise of America and the ushering in of the collectivist North American Union.
The only way to defend against Codex from coming here is to do things to defend US sovereignty, especially opposing the planned collapse of the country. FDA intends to usher Codex in regionally via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico- Take Action here against this: http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm
If you're not already a member of Numbers USA, I urge you to join via http://www.numbersusa.com/content/  to oppose amnesty for illegals. If you don't oppose it, you will lose your access to dietary supplements.
In the coming year, they'll be forcing Obama"care" down our throats, no open debate will ensue during the conference committee- but we can still stop it from being implemented by urging our state legislatures to enact laws refusing to implement it, just as over 20 states did to oppose and block the REAL ID Act which passed into law in 2005. See http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/12/31/the-commerce-claws-and-obama-care/
I've compiled a special report to help you develop your own personal contingency plan in the face of the New World Orders efforts to destroy us.
My report contains the following information:
1. A book that rates all of North America on a variety of criteria from a standpoint of safety and survival for purposes of relocation. The book takes a look at crime statistics, nuclear targets, local weather conditions in different seasons, population density, water availability, and other factors figuring into survival.
2. Sources of hybrid organic seeds for gardening in both the US and Canada. With food being used as a weapon, its good to be able to grow your own food and herbs.
3. Information on the best books and websites to learn about organic gardening, permaculture, aquaculture. Information on growing sprouts and wheatgrass.
4. Information on how to build an inexpensive greenhouse from readily available materials. Information on greenhouse kits that are more expensive.
5. Information on how to develop a local barter system in case the economy collapses so people can more easily work together for their mutual survival.
6. Information on sources of gold coins and junk silver coins so you can protect yourself from the coming bank collapses.
If you had to compile all this information on your own it would take you quite a bit of time, and theres no telling how much time we have. The ruling elite move with deliberate gradualness, but once and a while they do things such as 911 and the 7/7 bombings, and we have no way of knowing when the next one will be, or what the effect of it will be. Its good to be prepared!
If you want IAHF's SPECIAL REPORT II, (an electronic report which I will email to you) please send a donation for $25. to IAHF via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html  or a check or M.O. to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. Be sure to include your email address!
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