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IAHF List: Below my comments you will find two emails I sent to Randy Dennin of Pfizer which have gone unanswered. I told him that if he failed to reply, any lack of response would be very conspicuous because I told him I'd post these on the IAHF website. I told him I'd be glad to give him equal time.

Clearly, he has no intention to respond. He can't respond without further exposing his and Pfizer's agenda to railroad the supplement industry off a cliff.

We have a dwindling amount of time to get the ANH lawsuit filed. Clearly we can't count on the supplement industry's trade associations to sound an alarm to the companies within the industry, they're too controlled.

Please go to http://www.alliance-natural-health.org download the material next to the American flag and circulate it to the vitamin companies you buy product from and urge them to donate to ANH, and please urge more friends to donate via the ANH site.


The Joint International Committee of NNFA & AHPA voted unanimously to back the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive at the NNFA trade show in Las Vegas at the end of June. Conspicuously absent from this meeting was Randy Dennin of Pfizer pharmaceutical company, leader of controlled opposition group IADSA.

Between then and the Expo East vitamin trade show which just took place in Washington DC, NNFA's Legislative Director Kim Smith failed to do the bidding of the Joint International Committee which wanted the whole membership of NNFA notified about the dire need to get behind the ANH lawsuit. She was told by an industry attorney, Marc Ullman NOT to sound this alarm. It is not certain why Ullman took this position, or if there were any other influences causing Smith to balk at sounding the alarm.


The week prior to Expo East (this past weekend), the site that was at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com was removed from cyberspace by Lycos, the company that owns Tripod, a free hosting service, for unspecified reasons. Lycos will remove a Tripod site based on any complaint without allowing the owner of the site any opportunity to face their accuser, who remains annonymous. (The site has been restored at http://www.iahf.com/iadsa and at multiple other locations)


Dennin of Pfizer somehow regained control of the Joint Committee and would not allow Maury Silverman to remain in the room for the meeting stating that he could not because he had been circulating my article which was critical of IADSA. Peter Sofrinoux, Editor of Penton Publication "Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals", a UK Publication, did Dennin's bidding and removed from the back table all materials which Silverman had attempted to distribute including my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine about the ANH lawsuit, attorney Ralph Fucetola's endorsement of this lawsuit, and information from the ANH website oriented to the American supplement industry which you can see at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Upon being told he could not participate in the meeting, Silverman said to Dennin "I've never met you before, you don't know me, I'm only hear to learn and to participate by asking questions. Its clear to me that you do not want a level playing field, and that you have an agenda which runs counter to our cause. The suppression of information is unamerican and despotic."

I was incensed, but not surprised when Dennin would not allow Silverman to remain in the room, as it is so consistent with everything Pfizer is trying to do to destroy our industry. It is shocking and outrageous, however, that the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA has apparently turned its back on supporting the ANH lawsuit after previously having unanimously endorsed it. This illustrates the enormous political power of Pfizer within the supplement industry, and it also illustrates the fact that unless the grass roots gets behind the ANH lawsuit in sufficient numbers, with a sufficient amount of money to get it filed, that it may not be filed.

The writing is on the wall, people. If you want to preserve your access to supplements, you can't count on the supplement industry to defend your access. They will not, and they proved where their allegiance lay by doing nothing to oppose Dennin's dictatorial tyranny. They're all afraid of crossing the guy for fear he might interfere with their pricing by helping a competitor to have better prices on capsules, but they'll never admit it.


To: randy.dennin@pfizer.com


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IAHF List: The information below speaks for itself. Adolph Hitler would have loved this guy Dennin, he missed his calling- he should have worked for Goebbles, Hitler's "Information Minister" During the Second World War. Note that I am giving Mr.Dennin EQUAL TIME to respond to this email in detail and I will gladly publish and circulate any detailed response if he feels that I am incorrect IN ANY PARTICULAR, but if none should be forthcoming, if he should be unwilling or unable to attempt to spin his way past the truth expressed herein, any lack of response will be very conspicuously noted by millions world wide. Everything contained in this email is my opinion.

Mr.Dennin: see the email below my comments by Maury Silverman at Expo East vitamin trade show in Washington DC

I would like you to tell me who you think you are to SUPPRESS INFORMATION critical to the SURVIVAL of the dietary supplement industry?

Not long ago a website that used to be at http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com was removed from cyberspace by Lycos, owners of Tripod, a free hosting company which will remove any website at the drop of a hat. I take it that it made you uncomfortable that this website was published in my article in Life Extension Magazine? I know you have been aware that that site was in cyberspace for a very long time because Ron Law emailed you a long time ago to TELL you it was up and he cced me on his email. Law contributed a lot of the material that went into the site, which has since been restored to cyberspace in multiple locations, so you can rest assured it will NEVER be removed in the way that you and your PFIZER buddies so fevantly desire. Obviously, you and your Pfizer buddies did NOT want that site in cyberspace at the time of Expo East, in anticipation of the inevitable: that my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine would be distributed by a concerned citizen at that meeting.

In my opinion, you, Pettman and Pfizer are genocidal KILLERS Mr. Dennin, and I don't take kindly at all to the things you're doing to DESTROY the dietary supplement industry, because THAT is EXACTLY what your actions are accomplishing, all in the name of "saving" us, isn't that right, Mr.Dennin???

You showed your true colors when you kicked NNFA New Zealand out of IADSA, doing absolutely NOTHING to protect New Zealand's liberal food based supplement regulations (which are very similar to our own) from harm-onization to Australia's mindless, pharmaceuticalized regulations whereby site licensing was used as a weapon against the industry to wrongly remove 1600 of Pan's dietary supplement products from the shelves under false pretenses without a single product assay to prove contamination of ANY kind.

You and Pfizer don't LIKE it when IAHF exposes any of this, do you?
You and Pfizer don't LIKE it when IAHF helps people to connect the dots globally, and THAT is why you formed IADSA: to do SPIN against IAHF's message, all the while going through the MOTIONS of defending our industry, while actually leading it to the CLIFF so that our most innovative products can no longer be manufactured any more and so the red tape hurdles get raised so high that all the small companies are driven under.

So, Mr. Dennin- you wouldn't allow Mr.Silverman to distribute my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine at Expo East? Its been in print since June, so you've had all summer to send a letter to the editor but you never did because you had nothing to say, isn't that right?

Exactly what are your and Pfizer's objectives vis a vis the dietary supplement industry? You CLAIM to be our "friend". You belong to CRN, NNFA, AHPA, UNPA, and you try to give the appearance of "defending" us from pharma attack, but why should any of us trust you when you work for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world? Why shouldn't NNFA kick you out for violating their code of ethics Please be specific, the whole world is watching. Ron Law and I emailed you months ago to TELL you of the IADSA exposed website and we both specifically challenged you to speak now or forever hold your peace, but you had NOTHING to say, did you?

Well I'm drawing a line in the sand Mr.Dennin http://www.iahf.com/iadsa and the info found here which was in the http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com site that you seek to censor has also been put up in several OTHER sites in SEVERAL countries because I've taken all from you and Pfizer that I'm going to take. You are a traitor to our cause, Mr.Dennin. IADSA did NOTHING to oppose the passage of the EU Food Supplement Directive, even though it is BAD for consumers and BAD for the 20% of our industry that manufactures the most innovative products because you don't CARE about our industry, all you and Pfizer care about is GRABBING MARKETSHARE. You CLAIM to "oppose Codex", but in reality, Pettman is trying to push a finalized Codex vitamin standard through to completion even though doing so is NOT in the best interests of consumers or the innovative sector of the supplement industry.

I attended

I am going to post this email on my website, Mr.Dennin, and I'm going to give you EQUAL TIME to reply, if you DARE. I'm also circulating it to my email distribution list, with instructions for each and every person on my list to forward it massively world wide and to repost it on websites everywhere and to send it to vitamin companies everywhere, because I've had about all I'm going to take from you and your thoroughly evil attitude which has just been globally exposed. The jig is UP Mr.Dennin, I am in Canada right now working with a group that is forming a rebel trade association that REFUSES to go along with your agenda as it is currently being manifested through the Canadian Health Food Assn, and we are forming a sister organization south of the 49th parallel- one that does not suppress free speech, and which will NEVER go along with your evil agenda.

You say you're trying to "stop Codex"? Like hell you are!! You and Pettman WANT a finalized Codex vitamin standard to be driven through at CODEX, and you want it to be as RESTRICTIVE as possible. THAT is why you have done NOTHING to try to stop the EU Food Supplement Directive, its why you (and CRN, and the Pharma Dominated Dietary Supplement Working Group at TABD oppose the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD, and its also why you are doing NOTHING REAL in Brussels to oppose either the THMPD or the PD, you and Pettman are just going through the MOTIONS. Next you think you're going to do to South America what you just did to Europe, isn't that TRUE, Mr.Dennin? Isn't it TRUE that you are holding a conference in Rio in the fall to try to SCREW the dietary supplement consumers of South America, and all the most innovative companies just the way you're trying to do in New Zealand, Canada and Europe?

Isn't it true that Pfizer is attempting to use this controlled opposition strategy to isolate America and to take us LAST via harm-onization?
Sure it is, you KNOW it is, and THAT is why you are trying so hard to suppress my information, isn't it?

I await your response with baited breath. So does Ron Law in New Zealand. So do vitamin consumers, innovative practitioners, and innovative supplement companies all over the world who support the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive who have read the article at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html to which you so strenuously object. Please respond in great detail to what I am saying to you here, Mr.Dennin. Any lack of response will be very conspicuously noted to the multitudes who are streaming to the IAHF and allied websites globally, and they include a growing number of vitamin companies world wide who are now grasping the awful truth of what I have been saying about Codex and about global harmonization issues since I started IAHF in 1996. In closing, I would just like to THANK YOU for not letting Maury Silverman circulate my article about the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, for you have just done more to help the Alliance for Natural Health than anyone else in a long time and what you just did was consumately unintelligent, but patently fascistic- just like the time Herr Grossklaus forced me to shut off my camcorder at the Codex meeting in Berlin in '98 when he provided me with the opportunity to put the digitized videofootage of him forcing me to shut my camera off on the IAHF website in the Media section where the whole world has been viewing it and educating themselves since '98.

Sure, I got kicked off the US Codex Delegation to the Committee on Nutrition for doing that, and the German government has permanently banned me from ever attending a Codex meeting again, (even though I am a licensed, credentialled member of the press) but it was WORTH it!

So, what do you have to say for yourself Dennin? Anything? Anything at all??? I eagerly await your response, should you seek to make one you WILL be given equal time... because UNLIKE YOU, Mr.Dennin, I do NOT believe in censorship.Your time will come, sir. These vitamins and herbs were gifts to us from a benevolent creator, who gave them to us for healing purposes and you will have to make a complete accounting for your evil actions after you die. Have you no conscience at all regarding the lives you are threatening via your actions? What about Pettman? How does he justify not sending out a press release under IADSA's auspices when Ron Law plead with him repeatedly to do so? Law even provided him with an expert risk analysis pertaining to Kava, and STILL Pettman wouldn't send one out. Then when Law questioned Pettman about this, YOU came down on Law accusing him of making "wildly unsubstantiated accusations", despite not having a shred of evidence to back your allegation.

Exactly WHAT do you object to in the materials that Mr.Silverman attempted to hand out today at Expo East? Was it the reprint of the article of mine that was published in the July issue of Life Extension Magazine http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html ? Was it the mention in that article of
http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com ? Am I safe in assuming it was this IADSA EXPOSED website to which you so strenuously object? You were told of that site months ago, yet you had nothing to say about it then. Someone told Lycos they objected. I assume that was you. Well too bad, I put the info back up in several MORE places including http://www.iahf.com/iadsa and every day that you fail to respond in copious detail to this information is a day in which I will post this material in several MORE websites because I intend to DERAIL what I feel is a very immoral agenda by Pfizer to suppress the dietary supplement industry using IADSA, a controlled opposition group as a WEAPON against us, and I STAND VERY STAUNCHLY BY that opinion.

IAHF List: If you appreciate these questions I am asking Mr.Dennin and his employers at Pfizer, please make a donation, the BIGGEST donation you possibly can to the ANH Lawsuit at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org Let me know of any donations you make of $1000. or more and I will send you a STOCK TIP that you CAN'T go wrong with!!! You will make your $1000. back MANY TIMES using my information. If you haven't yet read my article in the July issue of LE Magazine, please do so at http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html and also see the original uneditted version at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html

Please forward massively, and tell every American vitamin company you know to be sure to read the info in the ANH flyer at
http://www.alliance-natural-health.org/docs/USCompaniesandtheEUDirectives.doc Dennin is DESPERATE to suppress the disemination of this information!!! He, IADSA, Pfizer, CRN, and the Pharma Dominated TABD Dietary Supplement Working Group are DESPERATE to keep you from reading this information!!! RIGHT, Randy?

Very Sincerely,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
currently in Canada assisting innovative companies rebel
against the Pharma Dominated CHFA..................................mssg follows from Maury Silverman at the Expo East Vitamin Trade Show>>>>>>> where FREE SPEECH does NOT reign..... ;-<

cc: Ralph Fucetola, JD http://www.vitaminlawyer.com
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cc: Allied Radio Talk Show Hosts & TV Show Hosts

Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 10:37:52 -0500 (CDT)
From: maury
To: robv@alliance-natural-health.org
Subject: bounced from meedtin by Dennin
Cc: jham@iahf.com
X-Mailer: Earthlink Web Access Mail version 3.0

Hi Rob,
An interesting afternoon here.
Went to the AHPA/NNFA international meeting. Randy Dennin told me to leave because I have been distributing John Hammel's article on the show floor, and accused me of trying to undermine what he is trying to accomplish. I told him I have never met him, and came to learn. I could only tell him that his behaviour suggests to me that perhaps John's opinion of him may be correct, that he denys me the opportunity to make up my own mind from my own observations.
Before that I attended a session on the show schedule on international issues presented by IADSA people, Martin Last and Simon Pettman. I was told I could put my literature on the table in the back of the room, which I did, to find it had been removed by the end of the session. This was the doing of Peter Sofroniou, editorial director of a british magazine, Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals. He gave me a business card. They told me I could not pass out literature in the room. I told them that supression of opinion is un-American.
My experience this afternoon tells me that these folks do NOT want a level playing field with input from all opinions, perceptions, analysis, and perspectives on the issue. That is the honest way to get to problem-solving in the interests of all concerned rather than a few insiders with an agenda.


to randy.dennin@pfizer.com

MR Dennin- Tried to Call- But You've Gotten Outa Dodge- Anything WRONG Amigo???


I just tried to call you at the Washington Capital Hilton at 202-393-1000 but you have already checked out of your room.

I wanted to be sure you saw my previous email, because I am not the least bit pleased about how you are attempting to manipulate the dietary supplement industry

due to your greed driven agenda.

I am not at all happy about how you seek to suppress free speech within this industry as exemplified by your unwillingness to allow Maury Silverman to remain inside the meeting of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and IADSA, even though at the previous meeting of this Joint International Committee, at the end of June in Las Vegas, the Committee had UNANIMOUSLY decided to get behind the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive and Silverman was representing ANH at this meeting.

I want to make clear to you that I don't represent ANH, I only represent IAHF, but I am most displeased that you sought to suppress the information contained in my article in the July issue of Life Extension Magazine about what is happening in Europe.

I would like a full, complete, and detailed response to the email I sent previously, and I would like a full explanation as to how you feel in any way justified in suppressing either my information, attorney Ralph Fucetola's information, or ANH's information- as it ALL pertains directly to a VERY GENUINE effort to save lives and to safeguard the public health of dietary supplement consumers world wide, people who you have obviously turned against.

Your greed driven actions disgust and sicken me Mr. Dennin.

Why have you left DC before the end of the Trade Show?

Does it have anything do with the the fact that Mr.Silverman is actively circulating my information, Fucetola's and ANH's all over the show floor at Expo East?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA voted unanimously to back the ANH lawsuit back in June when you weren't at the meeting, and Pfizer and CRN oppose this lawsuit?

Again, Mr.Dennin, why should ANYONE view you as our "savior" when you are employed by the largest pharmaceutical company in the world???

Why should any of us trust you when you oppose an open, honest dialogue about the plight faced by the dietary supplement industry?

Could it be because you are NOT our savior, but only PRETEND to be? Is THAT it Mr.Dennin???

Inquiring minds really want to know. Clearly, you, IADSA and CRN do NOT want a level playing field.

As I told you in my previous email, for every day that you fail to respond to my email, the IADSA exposed information is being posted in a minimum of 10 new websites in cyberspace and you will NEVER remove this information, not even if you and Pfizer have me assassinated by a hit squad. For your awareness, I have taken steps, in the event of my death, to still have my messages sent to you via the VIRTUAL CEMETARY even in the event of my death. The Virtual Cemetary exists to imortalize people in cyberspace, even if they get expunged by he elements of coersion. I have made arrangements for the VIRTUAL CEMETARY to keep sending emails in my name asking you these questions, even if you have me rubbed out, and part of the instructions in my will are that the IADSA exposed info keep being posted, in perpetuity, all over cyberspace, even if I should meet with an untimely demise. Ditto for my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine.

Explain to me how you're not in violation of NNFA's Code of Ethics?

Explain to me how you're in compliance with Article 14.3 in NNFA's bylaws vis a vis Conflict of Interest Disclosure???

Any response to my previous message, or as usual, are you left unable to respond without digging your hole even deeper?

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
800-333-2553 N.America
540-961-0476 World