Use mssg below and fax it in 24/7 today and tomorrow (friday). They could move on it at 3 am saturday morning for all we know. Price of freedom = eternal vigilance! 

 1. Hastert: Fax 202-225-0697

2. Boehner: Fax 202-225-0704

3. Barton: Fax 202-225-3052

Also fax to your own Congressman- look up fax at

Follow your fax with a phone call (Capital Switchboard 202-225-3121)

Get your friends/family to help! Contact as many people as possible about this, we only have today and tomorrow (Friday December 8th) to kill this because the Lame Duck session ends Friday. Its ok to fax and call 24/7. If you call after hours there is someone working at Capital Switchboard who will transfer you to voice mail of any congressional office that you ask for.



"A large sector of the Dietary Supplement industry including Solgar, Nutraceutical Corp, Nature's Plus, Life Extension Foundation, Wellness Resources and many other companies oppose HR6168 Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act. This legislation has nothing in it to determine causality of an Adverse event. Safe dietary supplements would be wrongly blamed for problems actually caused by pharmaceutical drugs taken concurrently with one or more dietary supplements- and there would be no medical or scientific review required by FDA before they could release the flawed "data" released by this witch hunt. This would be a trial lawyers dream, but its not good government and it would do nothing to protect the public health. There must be hearings on this legislation, and there must be changes made to its language before it would actually serve its intended purpose. Do not ram it through on us during the lame duck- if you do, you will enrage the millions of dietary supplements who flooded congress with more mail during the campaign to pass DSHEA than Congress ever received in its history on ANY issue."