IAHF Webmaster- Please make this correction

IAHF List: Sorry if I caused any confusion in my previous message about Canadian bill C 420 (Foods Are Not Drugs Amendment).

I was confused because in England, if a bill passes second reading it would be passed into law, but it turns out the Canadian Parlimentary System is much different from the English system and I mistakenly thought they were the same.

Tony Stephan sent out a message of exuberance when C-420 passed Second Reading. He was exuberant because its very rare for a private members bill (that is a bill not introduced by one of the major parties) gets as far as second reading, and that in and of itself is a victory of sorts, it seems.

It turns out that C-420 must now go for a Third Reading, and it must get past the unelected Canadian Senate which is heavily controlled by Special Interests, and it also turns out that Prime Minister Chretien is resigning, there is going to be an election in February, and this current Parliament could be dissolved before they can even hold a third reading, and if that happens, we're back to "square one" and would have to get the bill reintroduced all over again.....

Seems I have a lot more to learn about Canadian politics than I realized, but I'll get there with help from Croft Woodruff and Peter Helgason both of whom I spoke with about this this morning.

They're very excited about the new Canadian vitamin trade asociation they're busy forming to counter the pharma dominated CHFA which just tried to pour cold water all over C-420 via a very expensive legal analysis they just wasted money on in an attempt to pour cold water on this bill which they don't want to see pass because it would undo whore Herringer's nefarious efforts to herd the supplement industry to the cliff on behalf of her Pharmaceutical Masters.

There is still a need regardless for people in the Australian Senate to communicate about bill C-420 with Canadian MP Lunney who introduced the bill because the Australian system is no good and must be changed in the aftermath of the mindless Pan recall.

Val Johanson of the Australian vitamin trade association was in Rio at the recent IADSA conference where she misrepresented herself as a rep of the Australian government, and she is trying to get the South American governments to harmonize to Australia, just as she is trying to get Canada to do.

So we're by no means out of the woods yet, but in due time, we'll get there. Stay tuned and sorry about any confusion I may have caused with my previous message.
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