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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

-September 2004 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 6, Issue 61; September 2004     


Please accept my apologies for the brevity and slightly unusual appearance of this month's newsletter. Your editor is on a SIRA fact finding tour of the South of France and this edition has been prepared using a fifteen year old laptop computer with a French keyboard while sitting on the top of a mountain in the Ardeche. I kid you not! All should be back to normal for the next edition.

Please support the committee organising the Island Festival - so much has been done to make this an exciting event and it will be a great opportunity to invite family and friends to visit our corner of Paradise.

In this Issue:

  • Pittwater Council Wins Dougherty Award
  • 28 Days on an Island - Festival
  • Community Services Grants Program
  • HSC Workshops
  • Literary Heritage of Scotland Island
  • Trivia Night - Save Mona Vale Hospital
  • Water Agreements for Scotland Island
  • Hazard Reduction on Scotland Island
  • Vehicle Registration Day
  • The Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your Subscription Information
  • Pittwater Council Wins Dougherty Award

    Pittwater Council has won the RH Dougherty Communication Award, which recognises leading practice in communication management in councils.

    The award was presented by the Local Government and Shires Associations at the launch of 2004 Local Government Week on 2 August 2004. Pittwater Council won the Dougherty Award for a new category, Reporting to Your Community. The winning submission was on Pittwater’s innovative internet program which streamlines the Development Application process by listing what development is permissible on every block in Pittwater, providing a concise list of
    information to be submitted with a Development Application and allowing progress of the application to be tracked on-line.

    The judges said: “Pittwater Council’s entry, titled “An Open Door Community Communication Package”, for their on-line development enquiry and assessment program, was a clear and outstanding winner. It addressed one of local government’s major issues and produced a model other councils should follow.”

    Pittwater Mayor Lynne Czinner said: “We are delighted to accept this prestigious award which recognizes Pittwater as a leader in local government communication. Reporting to our community has always been of vital importance to Pittwater Council, and it is gratifying that our new internet program for tracking Development Applications is being recognised and awarded at State level.”

    28 Days on an Island - Festival

    The festival will be a celebration of this community . All the information can be found on our brand new web pages at: www.scotlandisland.org.au/festival. Click here to go there now
    We still need volunteers to help this all happen. Listed are a number of jobs which we need coordinators for. The Festival is made up of art, theatre and sporting events.

    We are looking for a team of organisers to stage the quadrathon or triathlon.
    SIRA are negotiating public liability for this event therefore this need not be an impediment or excuse to get out of organising this one.
    The event can be held between the dates of Oct 5 and Nov 6. We are looking for a group of couch potatoes to watch hours of SI players productions. We need you to find the funniest and most poignant moments.
    We are looking for an editor to put the best, funniest, most poignant pieces of SI Players on to video so it can be screened during the festival..
    We need a group of workhorses to help set up Catherine Park on Fri Nov 5 (Fair Eve) We are looking to borrow sails to decorate and create shade in Catherine Park on Fair Day.
    We need stall holders. Let's be creative. Look at some of the stall holders info sheets located on the wharves and around the island for ideas.
    The fair will begin at 11 am and finish at 8.30pm so we need food and drink.
    We have a great publicity machine so we are going to have lots of hungry and thirsty people.
    If you would like to book a stall call Linda 9979 4149 or Maria 9979 7678.
    If you can help co ordinate or be coordinated please call Claire Atkins 9979 4709 or Emmi Collins 9979 7506

    TRIVIA NIGHT - Save Mona Vale Hospital

    To fund our continued fight to UPGRADE MONA VALE HOSPITAL and improve the delivery of health services on the northern beaches -SATURDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 6.30PM
    MONA VALE MEMORIAL HALL, adjacent to Mona Vale Library

    $20 admission
    Please bring your own supper - Drinks available at reasonable prices
    Ken 9918 9170
    Harvey 9918 3268
    Alex 0413 806 626

    Community Services Grants Program
    We invite non-profit community organisations to apply for funding under Council's Community Services Grants Program 2004/2005. Funding is available for projects that meet the social and/or cultural needs of residents of Pittwater. In 2004/05 funding is available under the Annual Donations Program - One off grants of up to $1,000 (minimum grant $500) per year. pplications close on 27 September 2004. For a copy of the guidelines and application form visit www.pittwaterlga.com.au (your neighbourhood, community services, grants); phone Jennifer Walker on 9970 1199 or email

    HSC Workshops
    Mona Vale Library is running the following series of HSC lectures/workshops in September at the library:
    Art: Monday 6th September 5-7pm, with Keith Fyfe
    Biology: Wednesday 8th September 4.30-6.30pm, with Vicki Maggs
    Maths 2 Unit: Saturday 11th September 10am-1pm, with Phil Doyle
    Maths General: Saturday 11th September 3-5pm, with Phil Doyle
    English: Saturday 11th September 12.30-2.30pm, with Patrick Moran
    Business Studies: Monday 13th September 4-6pm, with Graham Roll
    Enquiries and bookings: Rebeccah Vick on 9970 1608.
    Courses for Horses

    Do you know about the literary heritage of Scotland Island?

    On the day of the fair, October 31st, we are planning a writers' tent, which will feature various things: local stories, local writers reading their work, children showing their handcrafted books, a book launch and a display of the literary heritage of Scotland Island and the off shore communities.

    We need help in several areas: 1) We need information about our literary heritage as well as realia - books, newspaper clippings, pictures, photos, etc - relating to this heritage so that we can construct an informative and interesting display, 2) We also want to display works by people currently living on the island and offshore communities - if you are a writer and have a published work, we'd like to show it. You can also sell copies in the tent. 3) The writers' tent will contain a café - if you'd like to run one, or know of someone who would, let us know.

    If you can contribute anything, or if you have any great ideas, please contact either Carol Floyd (floydcbg@ozemail.com.au) or Penny Star (star@ozzienet.net).

    Water Agreements for Scotland Island

    A reminder for all those who have not signed their Water Agreements and SIRA membershipform + $20.00 to do so as soon as possible.  Water cannot be purchased without these now that SIRA has taken over the upgrade of the line. The new agreement has been posted on the Scotland Island website here and all future newsletters will contain a permanent link that will allow you download a copy. To download a copy in Microsoft WORD format CLICK HERE. To download as a pdf file, CLICK HERE

    Vehicle Registration Day

    Vehicle Registration Day is September 18 from 9am to 2pm in the Fire Shed.

     Cost $50 + $10 for the Fire Brigade. Pink Slips are valid for 1 year.  Currently there are about 23 registered vehicles on the Island, plus a couple of trucks and terrain vehicles.  Everyone is being encouraged to ensure that  their vehicle is registered to cover for third party insurance in the event of an accident. 

    With the number of vehicles now in use, this has become even more necessary

    Hazard Reduction for Scotland Island

    You are no doubt aware that Scotland Island is risk (Warringah-Pittwater Bushfire Risk . doc.012). The current drought means that we have an increased risk of . We must take action as soon as possible to minimise the danger to our .

    SIRA requested a special green waste clean up from the Pittwater Council and were advised that it cannot be provided during the current waste contract (expires September 2005). This means that each island resident or landowner must take individual responsibility for ensuring that fire risks are minimised . SIRA has discussed the issue with the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service at Terry Hills.

    If you cannot mulch or compost all your vegetative waste, we are proposing the following actions:

    1. SIRA is negotiating with Island contractors to provide a green waste clean up on October 18, the week following the Council clean up. There will be some cost involved but being shared it will be much less and will be partially supported by SIRA funds. We have asked Council to help by transporting the waste from Church Point cargo wharf to Kimbriki. If they agree we hope to be able to keep the average cost per household well below $20.00 .

    The conditions of Council vegetation collections on the mainland will be imposed. Branches should be tied with twine into manageable bundles up to 1.2 m in length and with branches no more than 75mm thick. No untied branches, no bags and no cardboard cartons will be collected.

    You will need to put your piles out on the weekend of October 17 so that SIRA volunteers can collect the fees in advance.

    Please watch noticeboards and the electronic newsletter for further information

    2. We are enclosing information on how you may get permission to do a pile burn even though the bush fire season has officially started.

    In undertaking hazard reduction please consider the associated environmental issues.
    It is not necessary to clear every bit of vegetation on your property. Indeed it is dangerous to do so. Tree canopy and shrubs, correctly placed , offer some protection from ember attack. You should also remember that many of our houses are built on areas prone to land slip. Vegetation helps protect against this danger. Finally, we are a habitat for native plant and animal species.. Clear felling not only removes native plant species but destroys the habitat of little animals. For further information on all these matters please contact the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade or the NSW Rural Fire Service , Thompson Drive off Kamber Road, Terry Hills. Ph. 9450 3000.

    The following pamphlets are available free of charge at Terry Hills

    Before you light that fire
    Guidelines for Pile Burning
    Guidelines for Asset Protection zones

    I look forward to working with you to ensure that our beautiful island remains safe this summer.

    Shar Jones (SIRA President)

    The local guide

    As our newsletter continues to grow (nearly 600 readers) we are including some links to other nearby organisations and events that may be of interest. If you would like to contribute, please send a message to the editor by clicking here.

    Local Real Estate Agents:

    Botham Real Estate L.J.Hooker Mona Vale
    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here) Pittwater Real Estate

    Government Organisations:

    Local Transport:

    Local Accommodation:       

    Bed & Breakfast: Scotland Island Lodge: http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au         (9979 3301)
    Short Term Holiday Accommodation: Pittpoint Cottage: http://pittpointcottage.ozstays.com.au                  (9997 8382)

    Local Pittwater Studies Website: http://www.pittlink.net/ls/index.html

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    • NSW Police: 000, general information 9281 0000
    • Broken Bay Water Police 9979 4944 or 0412 162 093
    • NSW Fire Service: 000, general information 9265 2999
    • NSW Ambulance Service: 000, general information 9320 7777
    • Rural Fire Service: 000, general information 9450 3000
    • State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES: 9486 3399
    • National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    • Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    • Sydney Water: 132 090
    • Energy Australia: 131 388, (ah) 131 909

    Emergency Scotland Island Water Contacts: click here for information (while online)

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures Qantas Information
    Sydney Buses information. Virgin Blue Information
    NSW Railway Timetables and Information.  


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