Hi everyone,

Well, that was a great win on Sunday. It looks like the team is coming together finally... let's hope this run continues. It's always a tall order coming into Foxboro, especially given the Bills recent road woes and the Patriots home successes, but hey, anything is possible. But the Bills are a different team than the Patriots remember from October, so lets circle the wagons and bring home a W!

For anyone with tickets to Sunday night's game in Foxboro: There is, indeed, a group of Backers going to the game, including the (in)famous "Pinto Ron" who is coming in from WNY. If you'd like to tailgatate with us, please reply to this e-mail and we'll fill you in on logistics. Typically, we meet prior to the game and "convoy" to the stadium so we can all park together.

One final note from the Jets game: At the tailgate on Sunday, George and I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of folks from the NYC Bills Backers, and despite their Yankee-leanings, they're not such a bad group. Too bad our bar is better, and that we'd probably beat them in everything from softball to tailgating, huh? :-)

Go Bills!

backers (at) bostonbillsbackers dot-com