IAHF List: Unless enough people work together to expose the scientifically fraudulent Vatican/UN Climate Change Treaty scheduled to be rammed down our throats in Paris in December of this year, all of us will be subjected to vastly increased geoengineering/ solar radiation management, aka "chemtrails" and the environment of our planet will be TOTALLY DESTROYED by the wolf in sheeps clothing who goes by the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio (the satanist known as "Pope Francis".)
One way to expose this UN/Vatican scam is by assisting my film maker friend Michael Murphy to complete his third film exposing "geoengineering/ solar radiation management" aka "chemtrails" by going to this link to watch the trailer for "An UN conventional Shade of Gray" By purchasing advance copies of this film, and by your generous donation, Michael will be able to complete the film and we can use it to educate people all over the world so they'll help oppose the junk science scam known as the "UN Climate Change Treaty" due to be rammed down the throats of everyone on the planet by totalitarian dictator Bergoglio in December, just in time for Christmas.
Birds of a feather, fly together- Bergoglio has no problem interracting with the openly Satanic UN which has this altar to Satan directly inside its's headquartersar to Satan directly inside its's headquarters because he himself is a satanist.
(In addition to the irrefutable documentation shown at the video in previous link, also see this solid article about the so called "UN Meditation Room" which was paid for by the Lucifer Trust, which changed their name to the Lucis Trust in an effort to disguise their true intentions!
Friends, when I was 14 years old, I was actually inside the UN Meditation room. I went to the UN Headquarters on a class trip while growing up in Summit, NJ just outside of Manhatten. The huge black slab of magnetite inside the "Meditation Room" us an altar to satan, and the sacred geometry on the truncated pyrimid shaped room with bizarre occult murals comes out to 666. Truth is stranger than fiction! Don't take my word for any of this, see the article above and the video, this is solidly documented.
I wanted to run from the UN HQ, especially from the so called "Meditation Room" because a dark and sinister energy pervaded the place. The teacher who brought us there was a communist who was trying hard to brainwash us in the hopes that we'd accept her Marxist world view. The UN is trying to push a global pagan religion based on Gaia Worship.
This is a "religion" that sanctions human genocide in order to "protect the planet" and its right in sync with UN Agenda 21, the 40 chapter blueprint for human genocide that came out of the Earth Summit in Rio in '92. There is a bipartisan movement against this communist scam in the USA, see Rosa Koire's excellent tour de force lecture here, she runs Democrats Against UN Agenda 21.
Also see this much shorter video "UN Agenda 21 for Dummies" by Michael Shaw, of Freedom Advocates, a conservative organization in California, and see Tom DeWeece's American Policy Center website, he was the first whistleblower against UN Agenda 21 and he is also very conservative. See my articles against UN Agenda 21 here, and here.
In my last alert I told all of you about the coin depicted above that was minted by the VATICAN in 1985. If you look at the yellow arrow, you will see it points to a jet aircraft spewing toxic chemtrails all over the biosphere.
This is the Vatican/ UN "final solution" to radically cull the human herd, it is part of UN Agenda 21, but we are NOT POWERLESS to stop this, or to protect ourselves from the billions of tons of toxic heavy metals, mycoplasma, ethylene dibromide, molds, viruses, or weaponised parasites that were tweaked in a bioweapons lab at Stanford Unversity via nanotechnology for the purpose of causing Morgellons disease, and biologically microchipping all of us. 
(To learn how to use sulfur and my other detox products at the above links, please see my archived e-alerts here!)
In my last alert there is a link you can click on to show a BLOWN UP IMAGE of this Vatican minted coin from 1985, and you can also go to this site that discusses the HISTORY of this evil coin. (If you are Catholic, please don't allow cognitive dissonance to BLOCK YOU from seeing the fact that the Vatican has been totally hijacked by Satanic forces! I need all of your help to expose this ESPECIALLY CATHOLICS!!
In my last email I told you I thought Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was the Anti Christ. I'd like to REVISE that opinion now, because now I think he MIGHT BE the "Last Pope" and the "False Prophet" while I think Obama might be the Anti Christ, partly because he wants this mindless nuclear deal with Iran which would give our enemies massive ability to wage war in the middle east which could lead to a third world war. If you look at the video in the link above, you will see a huge amount of other serious food for thought that indicates strongly that Obama may be the Antichrist. Obama has raised the National Debt more than any other President combined, and we are on the verge of martial law due to this criminals actions.
It wouldn't surprise me much at all if we ended up under martial law and never had an election on Novemeber 8th, 2016, but even if we do, it will be rigged and the Bilderberg Group will install anyone they want just like they installed the Obamination via rigged voting machines, the controlled media, rigged polls and propaganda.
In any case, both Obama and Bergoglio are unequically EVIL, they RIGGED the Vatican's Conference on Climate Change by not allowing respected climatologists whose data directly contradicts theirs to present their data or to ask any questions!
Catholic Marc Morano attempted to ask a question of the Secretary General of the UN (Ban Ki Moon) and was threatened with REMOVAL from the Vatican by the Swiss Guards, who are the cops of the Vatican. Morano was there with numerous respected climatologists from the Heartland Institute, but none of them were allowed to present their contrary data, so there was no honest scientific discussion and all of us are being set up for chemtrail genocide under false pretences.
Please remember that I'm in the Hall of Honor for Freedom Force International. I've been fighting the Marxist New World Order now since the 80s when I was a young guy in my 20s, and 40 years later, I'm still doing all in my power to live FREE in an UNFREE WORLD!
I was the first person in the world to blow the whistle on the UN's evil Codex Alimentarius Scam to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range ('96, I had an article published in Life Extension Magazine after witnessing Dr. Beth Yetley of the FDA attempt to make and END RUN around We, the People, who worked our butts off to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 to torpedo an FDA rulemaking effort that threatened to NUKE consumer access to natural products back into the stone age.
In 1994 built the world's only FDA Holocaust Museum at the Life Extension Foundation's office in Dania Beach Florida in the early 90s when the Foundation was in a rebuilding mode in the aftermath of an armed FDA raid against them that threatened to put Saul Kent and Bill Faloon in Federal Prison on trumped up charges for over 40 years apiece. You can see a reference to our FDA Holocaust Museum in the 3rd paragraph from the end of this article which documents the Life Extension Foundations War against the FDA.
In the FDA Holocaust Museum we had numerous exhibits that document the way the FDA kills Americans. We even removed the Life Extension Foundation sign on the front of our building and replaced it with a huge red neon sign proclaiming ourselves to BE the FDA Holocaust Museum!
This worked! After 11 years of fighting the criminal FDA in the courts and in the court of public opinion, the pieces of human shit dropped every single trumped up charge against Saul Kent and Bill Fallon, and the demonstrations I organized in front of FDA Headquarters had a lot to do with that victory. I had attempts made on my life for my efforts to fight the FDA and to push for a Congressional oversight hearing on Codex, and credit my Christian faith for giving me the strength to fight evil head on this way and I vow to never stop!
I have several decades worth of experience fighting the openly SATANIC United Nations, and believe me, I KNOW from first hand experience how EVIL those Nazi bastards REALLY are, and my report today BUILDS on that Knowledge as I will CONTINUE to expose the the eugenics crowd.
Friends, my Filipina Fiance made it a deal breaker that I join the Catholic Church. I did, out of love, but I have also done my best to infiltrate and expose Jorge Mario Bergoglio (the satanist known as "Pope Francis") because we must all band together to monkeywrench the UN Climate Change Treaty before we all get chemtrailed to death!
We CAN do this! We CAN do this by doing two things:
1. By purchasing advance copies of my film maker friend Michael Murphy's latest expose on geoengineering/ solar radiation management which is intended to educate people world wide so we can all stop the UN Climate Change Treaty scheduled to be rammed down our throats in December, just in time for Christmas... Please watch the Trailer for "An UN Conventional Shade of Grey"
Please purchase SEVERAL advance copies, and please ALSO donate at LEAST $50. (MORE if possible) to help him complete this all important film!
If you have not already watched his previous two films exposing the REAL reason for geoengineering/ solar radiation management (aka "chemtrails") Please watch "What in the World Are They Spraying"? and "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and also please watch the Italian documentary "Chemtrails- The Secret War"Secret War"
2. By preparing for the massively increased amount of chemtrail spraying likely to accompany passage of the rigged Climate Change Treaty in case we're not able to stop it in December! Keep in mind that we could be under martial law by then, and I might not be able to keep shipping the world's best organic sulfur to you, or my other detox supplements that work well synergistically with it.
I hope to move abroad, as I am on the red list of people to be executed just prior to Martal law so I won't be around to provide leadership under martial law.
It would really help me to get out of harms way if you bought large bulk orders of sulfur now,  along with all my other detox supplements. I vow to keep selling these detox products for as long as I can via my assistant if I am offshore, but if we go under martial law this winter, the Post office could shut down, along with everything else and then what would you do? 
I urge all of you to develop contingency plans and to stock up on survival food and on my sulfur and detox supplements!
If you live in a large city, please have a contingency plan to get out into a rural area where you can grow food! If you can't buy land, consider joining an Intentional Community, I lived in this one once in the Appalachian Mountains of SW Virginia and we had a division of labor for gardening, chopping firewood, etc  Consider getting a copy of Carla Emery's Country Living Encyclopediaa Emery's Country Living Encyclopedia  and consider visiting some prepper websites such as SHTFPlan.com  I subscribe to their very thought provoking newsletter, and encourage you to also!
We are living in the last days right now. We are living in the book of Revelations. The facts presented in this alert speak for themselves. Please share this information with everyone within your sphere of influence, but first please remember to delete the unsub link at the bottom, otherwise someone you forward this to might delete YOU!
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Seriously though, folks, please don't let cognitive dissonance block you from hearing what I am trying to say in this alert! Please stock up now! I could easily be driving out of business by martial law sometime this winter, and if I am, you DON'T want to get caught short, especially if you are one of my many wholesalers!
Questions? I can be reached at jham@iahf.com or via 1-800-333-2553 Pacific time h&w, toll free North America.
Please pray for me! I pray for all of you EVERY DAY! As bleak as all of this sounds, we are NOT POWERLESS to FIGHT BACK or to PROTECT OURSELVES!! So please don't sit on your hands or act like a deer caught in the headlights! Be Proactive to help yourself and your family!!! Stock up on Sulfur and Detox products Now because soon your dollars won't be worth anything and then you will feel terrible because you COULD HAVE taken steps to protect yourself and your family!
Your Friend,
John Christopher Hammell