The season is upon us!   Winter gardening season, that is. I have been very busy getting the late season crops in and things are beginning to pop through the ground all over the gardens. In fact, I just picked the first cooking of  purple-top turnip greens. Sooo good!

But, lets talk about fall planting for herbs. This is a great time to sow seeds of cold-tolerant herbs, such as calendula, pansy, chives, and parsley.

In cold climates, they come up in the spring; warm-climate gardeners see plants and blooms in winter.

Don't forget to stockpile your mulch for the spring. Just pile it where you plan to build a new garden, it will be a good start on smothering the grass.

Leaf bags also make great insulation around sheds and cold frames.


I have had a few request for a list of companion plants,  so here is a few.

Plant garlic and parsley next to roses ( protects them from black spot, a fungal disease)

Chives and garlic next to lettuce ( protects from aphids)

Rosemary, sage, thyme or tansy near cabbage (deters cutworms)

Radishes near cucumbers ( to avoid cucumber  beetles)


When you are deciding where to plant your annual crops, whether it's herbs or vegetables, it is a good idea to rotate them from year to year. Planting the same crop in the same location year after year encourages  the build-up of soilborne pests and disease.

Crop rotation has another benefit: It helps maintain your soil's nutrient balance.


Now that winter is just around the corner, please don't forget the feathered friends. Feeders, birdbaths, and birdhouses play an important role in attracting birds, but trees, shrubs, and other vegetation can do the whole job naturally. Plants supply food, cover, and nest sites, and because they trap dew and rain and control runoff, they provide water too.

I hope you are planning a fabulous holiday season, which includes good cooking , which requires good ingredient's.

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From our farm to your table, we thank you !My favorite, white pumpkins, from our fields.