Howard Beale is"Mad as Hell"--- from the movie: "The Network" This is the man to take our cues from, not the demented anti Ron Paul imbecile below from the so called "Jewish Task Force" whose video you can watch below....


IAHF List:

The IAHF list represents people from all over the world, in all 50 states, from all religions or lack thereof. What bands us together? A desire to maintain our access to dietary supplements & alternative medicine in the face of unrelenting efforts by the genocidal ruling elite to ban our access.

Ron Paul has helped us more than anyone on Capital Hill to oppose the FDA and CODEX. He's the only candidate from either party who is not owned by the corporate fascists who are working overtime to start a war with Iran which would put the finishing touches on destroying our economy and destroying America- forcing us into a North American Union dictatorship. A war with Iran could easily trigger off a Global Thermonuclear War and could get us nuked by the Russians and Chinese. We'd all better damn well heed the good doctors reminder that the Founding Fathers warned us about getting involved in entangling alliances.RP is the only candidate who has a chance in the upcoming election who is trying to head off WW3.

I just watched this video titled "Ron Paul is Not Going to Win" which was put on the web by a wild eyed Zionist fanatic who has created an organization he calls The Jewish Task Force which he claims is "Fighting to save the US and Israel from Islamic Fascism"

Watching it just lit a fire under my butt to work even HARDER to help Ron Paul! Please let me know your OWN reaction to it. If you share my irritation, please send a donation to Operation Live Free or Die to help our grass roots efforts in New Hampshire:

The comment that this voicer from the "Jewish Task Force" made about Paul "accepting campaign donations from Neo Nazis" is absurd. As if ANY candidate is going to SCREEN campaign donors to see what their beliefs are. Neil Cavuto attempted to skewer RP over this on Fox News, RP had no problem rebutting his BS: RP truthfully told Cavutto that he receives 57,000 donations in one day- he asked if he's supposed to screen all those people  RP rebutted Cavutto's nonsense by stating that the REAL evil is people who accept money from the Special Interests that want us to go to WAR, and that THIS is the REAL Moral Problem. Cavutto just got SCHOOLED.

Ron Paul favors cutting off all aid to Israel and to the whole middle east (and right now we give a lot more in aid to Arab countries than we do to Israel, so no one can say he's being "anti semitic" because he's NOT, he's just being FISCALLY as well as MORALLY SANE, our country is BANKRUPT!! Israel can more than defend itself against Iran, as Ron Paul has publicly stated. Israel has a huge nuclear arsenal. It would be suicide for Iran to ever attack Israel, their military isn't nearly as big or as well equipped.

Right now the most fascist country in the world is unquestionably the USA which has become the 4th Reich under Bush. Not convinced? Check out these websites about harm caused by depleted uranium in Iraq where we've dumped 75 tons of depleted uranium which has a half life of 4.5 Million years- we are causing a level of suffering never before seen in the annals of human history- staggering numbers of people are dying from cancer- staggering numbers of babies are being born with birth defects....... so WHO are the Nazis???:

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